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    FreshLook One-Day Blue Prescription Colored Contact Lenses (10 Pack)

    FreshLook One-Day Blue Prescription Colored Contact Lenses (10 Pack)

    Transform your natural eye color with these Blue Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses! You can't go wrong with these colored contacts.

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  • FreshLook One-Day Blue Prescription Colored Contact Lenses (10 Pack)

    Transform your natural eye color with these Blue Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses! You can't go wrong with these colored contacts.

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    Both Eyes (OU)
    Base Curve
    Boxes / Qty

    Price per box$ 22.99 tax incl.

    Subtotal$ 45.98

    • Lens Comfort Scale

      Durable Regular Super Soft
      Super soft lenses are our thinnest colored contact lenses and have very high water content. Single use in nature, these contacts are made from lightweight materials that make them easy to insert.

      Lens Transparency Guide

      Enhancing Vibrant Full Color
      Vibrant colored contacts offer a more striking and natural style without compromising the natural look. With vibrant lenses being more pigmented, users can expect more coverage and a more noticeable natural color change.
    • Duration 1 Day
      Color Blue
      Quantity 10 Per Pack
      Type Prescription
      Diameter 13.8
      Base Curve 8.6
      Made From Nelfilcon A
      Prescription / Corrective Lens Yes
      Style Natural
    • Providing both comfort and style, these FreshLook Blue Colored Contact Lenses are sure to give you an eye color transformation like never before! As a pack of 10, these contacts can make your new shade last a whole lot longer.

      Each FreshLook contact lens is packed full of neat features to aid both comfort and the aesthetic look of the contacts. As part of the Colorblends collection, the three coloring system of this blue shade ensures a realistic look that covers your natural eye color. The construction of these FreshLook contacts gives them a thinner outer edge, making them easy to insert and comfortable to wear. Get the best of both worlds with awesome new color and extra high-quality comfort. 

      When you invest in a multipack of Focus Dailies you can purchase knowing you can have 5 days of hassle-free contact lens wear. The disposable nature of these single-use contact lenses means no cleaning necessary - making them ideal for first-time contacts users! Pick up your own big pack of FreshLook One Day lenses today!

      Contact Lens Essential Info:

      Doesn't Impair Visibility 
      Sold As Packs Of 10 Individual Lenses
      Suitable For Daily Wear / Single Use Only
      Soft Contact Lenses
      Made From 69% Water / 31% Nelfilcon A
      Stored In Sterile Phosphate-Acetate Buffered Saline Solution


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    FreshLook Lenses

    Why Choose FreshLook

    3-in-1 ColorBlends Technology: This lens coloration technique applies three colors to the natural design, ensuring a realistic, yet subtle eye color transformation. Adding different colors to the inner and outer ring, as well as the primary central color, allows for a dramatic effect.

    LightStream Technology: This construction method makes the edges of the lenses incredibly thin, allowing for easier insertion and additional comfort during use. The design makes it easier for oxygen to easily permeate onto the surface of the eye, keeping them hydrated and feeling fresh.

    Focus Dailies Technology: Featuring innovative lens moisture technology, these lenses help to hydrate your eyes with every blink! This makes it easier to keep your contacts free from deposit build-up and ensure constant comfort throughout the day.


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