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    Red Mesh Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)

    Red Mesh Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)

    Experiment with a whole new look with the Red Mesh Colored Contact Lenses, perfect for completing any creepy costume in style!

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  • Red Mesh Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day)


    Experiment with a whole new look with the Red Mesh Colored Contact Lenses, perfect for completing any creepy costume in style!

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    • Lens Comfort Scale

      Durable Regular Super Soft
      The lightweight material composition of regular contact lenses offers an ideal balance between durability and softness. Water content and thin profile ensures comfort and hydration during wear.

      Lens Transparency Guide

      Enhancing Vibrant Full Color
      Full color contact lenses are opaque and feature solid, block color designs. The block coloration on these non-transparent styles is the best way to cover darker eye colors.
    • Duration 30 Day
      Color Red
      Quantity 2 Per Pack (Pair)
      Type 0.00 / Plano
      Diameter 14
      Base Curve 8.6
      Made From Polyhema
      Prescription / Corrective Lens No
      Style Costume
      Water Content 55%
      Brand Chromaview
    • Get a daringly different look with the 30 Day Colored Contact Lenses in Mesh Red, the perfect way to create a look that'll stop people in their tracks!

      These red lenses feature micro mesh print finish that's perfect for finishing any Halloween or Cosplay costume in style. If you're planning a vampire, demons or devil look, then these contact lenses are sure to make any drab costume stand out. You're sure to scare your friends with this style as it covers both the iris and the pupil. Halloween contact lenses at their finest, don't plan your next fancy dress outfit without these in mind.

      Made from high-quality materials, these FDA-approved red contact lenses are sure to make sure you don't mesh up your next freaky costume!

      PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the mesh lens style covering both iris and pupil, these lenses will result in an impairment in vision during wear. They should not be worn whilst driving.

      Contact Lenses Essential Info:

      • For Cosmetic Use Only
      • Covers the Pupil & Iris
      • Sold As A Pair
      • Lenses Result in a Slight Impairment in Vision, DO NOT Wear Whilst Driving
      • Lasts for 30 Days Once Opened
      • 38% Water
      • Packaged in Sterile Buffered Isotonic Saline
      • Manufactured in the UK

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    •  Blind Contact Lens Effect
      Blind Contact Lens Effect
      The lens pupil is completely opaque and will greatly obscure vision. Ideal for wear in one eye only during parties and events.
    • Photoshoot Friendly
      Photoshoot Friendly
      The full blanked out eye effect can make it harder to see, so, we recommend this lens for extreme visual effects in photoshoots.
    • Halloween Must-Have
      Halloween Must-Have
      A popular choice for getting spooky eyes. Complete all kinds of crazy Halloween costumes.
    • CE Marked
      CE Marked
      Product complies with European health, safety and environmental legislation.
    • FDA Approved
      FDA Approved
      Ensuring safety, effectiveness, quality and security.

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