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Coloured Lenses - The Perfect Look For New Years!

Coloured Lenses - The Perfect Look For New Years!

Seeking a funky way to totally transform your look this New Years? If so, then it's time you checked out our extensive range of glimmering and stylish contact lenses!

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Are you seeking a new way to transform your look this New Years? Looking for a glamorous and sophisticated stare to start the New Year with? If so, then here at Coloured Contacts we have the perfect pair of lenses to keep your look shining bright all the way through the countdown!

Whether you're heading to a festive fancy dress party or are off to glamourous gathering, we've got something for everyone! From sparkling vibrant coloured lenses to colourful and rich natural style lenses, your look is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Natural Style Lenses To Complete Your Look

Have you always longed to change your natural eye colour? If so, then what better time than New Years to showcase your new style! Offering a large selection of natural effect lenses, here at Coloured Contacts we're bound to have the exact pair of lenses to meet your needs

Suitable for all existing eye colours and skin tones, our vibrant and eye catching lenses are a sure fire way to gather some well-deserved attention as 2016 comes to an end!

Whether you've always dreamt of having Green, Blue, Grey, or Hazel eyes - Coloured Contacts is here to make it possible! 

Coloured Contacts boasts one of the largest online ranges of natural lenses, offering styles such as:

  • Single Tone
  • Double Tone
  • Tri Tone
  • Glimmer
  • Mystic

Whatever look you're aiming to achieve this party season, achieve it in style with a pair of natural look lenses!

Accessorising To Suit

Whatever natural coloured lens you opt for, why not ensure your look really does stand out by accessorising in style! The party and festive season are the perfect times of year to bring out the shimmer and sparkle! Why not accessorise your stare with some eye-popping golden eye glitter or some silver sparkle to give it that extra wow factor.

Hazel peepers are known to work well with deep and rich tones, such as gold and silver - so why not wrap up your look in style this winter season! Similarly, both Blue and Green coloured eyes work well with vibrant, eye-catching colours - so New Year is the perfect time to end 2016 with a look that's sure to be memorable! 

Fancy Dress Lenses To Complete Your Look

From Animal Style to UV i-Glow lenses - Coloured Contacts has you covered when searching for the perfect fancy dress eyewear accessory

Unleash your inner style with our extensive range of Animal Style lenses, the perfect alternative accessory for any fancy dress occasion. With lens styles such as Cat's Eyes, Werewolf, and Dragon's Eyes, your look is sure to stand out from the crowd this New Years.

Ensure your New Years Fancy Dress ensemble is as memorable as the night, by pairing your outfit with some showstopping eyes. Whether you're planning to unleash your wild side with a pair of animal style printed lenses or are looking to come alive after dark with some UV lenses, Coloured Contacts is here to help accentuate your look!

However, if our seeking something less ordinary, then why not pair your fancy dress ensemble with a pair of Mesh, Screen, or Blind Style Lenses! A sure fire way to get heads turning in your direction, these funky and alternative style lenses work well whatever the occasion. Whether you're looking to channel your inner monster or are seeking to re-create a look that's a little less full of life, then a pair of Mesh/Screen/Blind style lenses are sure to do the trick! Such lenses are ideal for monster inspired looks such as:

  • Zombie
  • Witch
  • Werewolf
  • Demon

New Year is the perfect time of year to pull out all the stops, so why should your style and look be held back! Celebrate the New Year in true style by pairing your ensemble with a vibrant, eye-catching pair of lenses that are sure to keep people talking way into 2017! Our extensive range of affordable, non-prescription lenses are a safe and cost-effective way to totally transform your look whatever the occasion!