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Coloured Contact Lens Close Ups From MakeupMadhouse

Coloured Contact Lens Close Ups From MakeupMadhouse

Take a look at the incredible work from Carrie Esser AKA Makeupmadhouse. With her creativity she has used her makeup skills to create fantastic works of art for artistic and costume ideas using our coloured contact lenses. Find out more about her work with this blog!

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After Halloween we’ve seen some downright fantastic uses of our costume contact lenses. Some of the most talented makeup artists from social media have included us in some incredible looks, but in this blog we’re celebrating one MUA in particular. Over the past couple of years the talented Carrie Esser otherwise known as @makeupmadhouse on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram has been creating body works of art while using our contact lenses. As well as giving us her very own Coloured Contacts review with her YouTube tutorial, we’ve been lucky enough to see more of her incredible work with our coloured contact lenses.

Creating Art With Contact Lenses With Colour

Over Halloween Carrie always creates incredible works of art that feature some of the most imaginative makeup posts across social media.

One of her showcased pair of lenses of this year was our Black Spiral Coloured Contact Lenses. This style features a jaw dropping spiral to give the look of an optical illusion; however the true magic is how Carrie incorporates the lenses into her Mime and Billy The Puppet Jigsaw makeup posts.

In her first post we can see her put our eye colour contacts to use by using them as the finishing touch to her Mime makeup! These lenses fit perfectly by fitting with the themes of optical illusions and contrasting with black and white. We love how creative this look is and we’re happy she was able to give her review! 

Makeupmadhouse Mime, Novelty Contact Lens Closeup

To see Carrie showcase these lenses in her Coloured Contacts Tutorial review, see the video below:

The other fantastic post that featured the Black Spiral Coloured Contacts was that of Billy The Puppet. Although the clown from the Jigsaw franchise loves to play games; we really like the serious tone and creepy look that she’s achieved with these Halloween Contact Lenses!

Makeupmadhouse Billy The Puppet, Jigsaw Halloween Contact Lenses

More Works From Makeupmadhouse  

Now that we’ve shown you some absolutely incredible makeup posts from the talented Carrie, we’re sure you’re dying to visit her social media platforms to see more of her work; but before you do, let us show you a couple more of her amazing makeup posts. One of her most used pair of contact lenses that we’ve given to Carrie are our Black Mini Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses. This style is incredibly popular due to offering a larger diameter and therefore larger coverage than standard contact lenses. With these contacts we can see Carrie in her Demon, Flapper Girls and Black Widow outstanding makeup posts! Check them out below: 

Makeupmadhouse Carrie Esser, Devil Black Widow Flapper Girl Costume Ideas

Halloween 2018 Makeup Madhouse With Cosmetic Contact Lenses

As we mentioned above, Carrie has graced us with a range of looks that have really make our lenses shine. Her incredible talent is seen over and over on her social media with her ability to recreate a whole range of characters flawlessly.  Some of her older creations include her Ice and Fire and Cheshire cat posts.

For Carrie’s Fire & Ice post she paired her two tone makeup with two different coloured contact lenses. For her right side of ice she used a pair of our blue coloured contact lenses paired with a wintery chill palette of body makeup. For the right she paired her heat charred style makeup with our popular red mesh coloured contact lenses. Take a look at the post below, or visit Carrie’s Instagram to see more:

Makeupmadhouse Fire & Ice MUA Ideas, Red Blue Coloured Contacts

The next post we have from Makeupmadhouse is one of our favourites from 2017. For her 24th post of #31daysofhalloween she recreated the iconic Tim Burton Cheshire Cat with her own touch. With a bright blue colour palette and two pairs of our costume coloured contact lenses, she recreates this look flawlessly! By using to different style of contact lenses she creates her own unique look for the character, while also maintaining his eerie and mysterious look.

Makeupmadhouse Tim Burton Cheshire Cat,  Cosplay Lenses

See her Cheshire Cat makeup video from Instagram below:

View this post on Instagram

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As we’re sure you’re already aware, we’ve only shown you a small amount of Carrie’s creativity! But now it’s time for you to see all the work she has to offer! We love the work the @makeupmadhouse has accomplished and we know that you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next Coloured Contacts experience. If you would love to see even more of Carrie's work with Coloured Contact's be sure to visit her CC Gallery page here!  Follow her social channels below:

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