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Costumes To Try With Yellow Contact Lenses

Costumes To Try With Yellow Contact Lenses

Need inspiration? Check out Costumes To Try With Yellow Contact Lenses from our Instagram affiliates. From scary to fun to wolf styles, yellow lenses can be used for a huge range of characters!

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Yellow contact lenses may not be the top of your contact lens wish list, but we think this colour deserves more of the limelight than it gets. Here at Coloured Contacts, we have gathered our favourite Instagram pictures featuring our yellow contact lenses to prove to you just how many characters you can create with a kickass pair of honey coloured lenses.

This list of 10 is just the beginning for yellow contact lenses UK. We certainly had plenty of choices so be sure to check out our Instagram page for more ideas and awesome pictures from a bunch of incredibly talented makeup artists!

The first three pictures on our list demonstrate just how much you can do with one pair of Yellow Avatar Contact Lenses. These fun contact lenses feature a pale, pure yellow iris with a darker yellow limbal ring. These striking lenses will completely transform your eyes which is perfect for costume parties and photoshoots! Instagram makeup artist, @makeup_by_rups shows off three completely different looks using our Yellow Avatar Coloured Contact Lenses.

This first look takes us deep sea diving. Rups has created an underwater scene using body paints and has attached a light to create a cool anglerfish vibe. Our Avatar contact lenses are perfect for completing the anglerfish style!

A post shared by Rupinder Ashan (@makeup_by_rups) on

This next look goes in a completely different direction and proves that these lenses are perfect for Halloween! This petrifying character is based on Valak the Demon Nun. The cracked skin effect and blood covered mouth is certainly giving us the chills. The unnatural style of these lenses makes them incredibly successful at frightening your friends. Consider these yellow Halloween contacts for your next freaky costume!

This final style featuring the Yellow Avatar Lenses is absolutely stunning. Rups creates her own depiction of Hindu God, Shiva. This makeup style is absolutely breath-taking and is perfect for a photoshoot.

Different Styles With Yellow Contact Lenses

Our next yellow contact lenses are the Yellow Mad Hatter Coloured Contact Lenses. These are slightly darker than the Avatar lenses and feature a black limbal ring creating a stark contrast with the iris. These three Instagrammers have found plenty of inspiration from these lenses. If you are looking for cheap Halloween contacts lenses non prescription that you can re-use then these lenses are perfect. With a 90 Day duration, you can wear these lenses again and again as long as you keep them sterilised.

@makeupartistnat created this mesmerising beehive style complete with bumblebees. We love the choice of colours and can’t believe the honeycomb isn’t real!

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@courtneyleighhollins has let her imagination run wild with this amazing photo titled ‘If Mars Had Mermaids’. We love the idea behind this style and think the red theme works perfectly with the pop of yellow and gold. Who wants to visit Mars now?

We know Christmas is over but the talent of @zoe_artistharvest is just too epic to ignore. It’s as if the Grinch has jumped straight off the page. Take a look at some of your favourite characters so you can match your eye colour to theirs the next time you create a costume!

Yellow Wolf Lenses And Other Animals

We couldn’t write about yellow contact lenses without mentioning yellow contact lenses wolf. There are so many of you out there who love our wolf and werewolf styles and the Yellow Twilight Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses are no exception. These vibrant lenses feature a wild yellow design intertwined with black to create a realistic colour effect. Take a look at these three totally unique styles featuring the werewolf lenses.

Sticking to the animal theme @lenniedin has created a cute tiger look. The striped makeup is so detailed and includes shades of yellow, orange, black and white.

A post shared by Lenniedin (@lenniedin) on

@olddollsstillplay is the perfect person to check out if you want to see our lenses in great detail. Her close up shots and intricate eye makeup designs show off our lenses to their best. The flowers and beads really frame the Twilight Werewolf Contacts.

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Back to the scary eye contacts theme, @artbybmazz has created this Clown makeup look. This half face of makeup is extra creepy and we love how she has used just one yellow lens on the clown half.

A post shared by Brenna Mazzoni (@artbybmazz) on

Our final Instagrammer @makeupmadhouse has made the most of our cat’s eye range with the Yellow Cat’s Eye Coloured Contact Lenses. These can be bought as yellow contact lenses prescription so if you want to ditch the glasses and take on a feline alter-ego these are the lenses for you. These are also great for werewolf styles, as proven here!

A post shared by Carrie Esser (@makeupmadhouse) on

As you can see yellow contact lenses can be used as anything from vampire contact lenses to animal contact lenses. We can’t believe the amount of talent these makeup artists have and we would love to see what characters you invent while wearing our lenses!

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