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Get Ready For Heroes Comic Con Valencia

Get Ready For Heroes Comic Con Valencia

Coloured Contacts are sponsoring Heroes Comic Con Valencia! Check Out All The Events & Guests For This Weekend Event. If You Are Entering The Cosplay Competitions You May Have A Chance To Win A CC Goodie Bag

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With just one day to go before the launch of Heroes Comic Con in Valencia, here is everything you need to know about the big event! With plenty of fans gathering between 23 - 25 February to celebrate all things superhero we can’t wait to see the pictures from this year’s Comic Con.

With plenty of Comic Con España 2018 events coming up, we are launching our Comic Con year with the Heroes Comic Con in Valencia. This year Coloured Contacts are sponsoring the Cosplay Contest! With goodie bags up for grabs, we can’t wait to see the best costumes from comicon.

Check out their list of activities here! You are going to need to be super organised to make sure you go to everything you want. We wouldn’t be able to decide where to start first and with tickets still available from just €15 we wish we were jetting off to Spain today.

Heroes Comic Con Valencia

We would love to look into our crystal ball to see the pictures of this year’s Comic Con but in the meantime here are some awesome shots from Comic Con Spain 2017. These pictures are from the most recent Heroes Comic Con in Madrid which took place in November.

We love this awesome Doctor Who inspired costume. If you want to stand out at a Comic Con then you need to think outside the box which is exactly what this cosplayer did! We are totally in love with her TARDIS dress. We couldn’t resist mentioning that our blue coloured contact lenses would look amazing with this outfit.

This next partnership of Mera and Aquaman shows some serious comic-con partners goals. These two look amazing, we adore those detailed fish scales. Check out our blog on Justice League Cosplays if you are feeling inspired to create your own.

This final picture shows us what Comic Con is all about. Meeting your favourite super heroes in real life! We loved Stefan Kapicic as Colossus in Deadpool and can’t believe how lucky this fan is to meet him. Although there will be different guests to Comic Con 2017, the list for 2018 is great!

Our Top 3 Guests At Heroes Comic Convention

No convention would be complete without an amazing list of guests and this year is no exception. With plenty of guests from all areas of TV, Film and Comic Books there is sure to be multiple people you would love to meet. If we were in Feria Valencia we would definitely be queuing for these three!

  1. Gaten John Matarazzo – This 15 year old star is currently appearing as Dustin Henderson is Stranger Things. Set in the 1980s this series follows supernatural occurrences in the town of Hawkins.
  2. Brian Stelfreeze – Brain is an illustrator who has created 50 consecutive Batman Cover Illustrations. He is currently working on Marvel Comics Black Panther series.
  3. Gail Simone – Gail is a writer for comic books and animation series such as Wonder Woman, Deadpool and Justice League Unlimited.

We could talk about cosplay all day but all you need to do it head to the Heroes Comic Con Valencia website to find out what is going to be going on this weekend. You can also keep up with their social media. We especially love all the pictures they have shared on Instagram!