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Magical and Fantastical Contact Lenses!

Magical and Fantastical Contact Lenses!

The new Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, has kind of got us inspired to talk about some of the more weird and wild lenses we stock!

Sometimes ordinary just doesn't cut it. We at Coloured Contacts are huge fans of the new Harry Potter universe film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and it’s kind of got us inspired to talk about some of the more weird and wild lenses we stock. Don’t get us wrong, we couldn’t love our natural effect contact lenses more, but sometimes you just need something a bit more... out there.

So take your eyes on a tour of our fantastical and magical contact lenses range and get inspired! We’ve got everything from contacts inspired by mythical beasts to ones featuring colours you could only dream of having naturally. If JK Rowling has taught us anything, it’s ‘what’s the point of being normal?’

Werewolf Contacts

We can’t be the only ones that have wondered what it would be like to be a werewolf, right? Our werewolf fashion lenses are the best way to get wild and let out your inner animal. Be just like Lupin from the Harry Potter movies and develop your own werewolf persona. During the daytime you can be your usual self, and during the night, after slipping your beastly contact lenses, you can become a wild animal! Or heck, why not just wear your wolf contact lenses during the day too? If you want to prowl and howl 24/7, you definitely should!

Reptile Contacts

Or if wolves aren’t really your thing, you might enjoy our range of reptile lenses! We have a lot of contacts featuring a vertical slit pupil effect, giving you the chance to become one of many wild creatures. (Even non-reptile ones!) While we think a cobra look would be particularly awesome – especially for those you who belong to House Slytherin at heart – you can also go for cat, lizard, fox, or hey – why not even crocodile? Prove that you’re a real predator!

Pattern Contacts

But there’s obviously more to weird and fantastical contact lenses than just animal lenses. Maybe you’re pretty satisfied with being a human? If so, then you should definitely browse our wide and wonderful selection of pattern contacts. Yes, that’s right, you can have images and patterns on your eyeballs – how cool is that? We’ve got everything from sinister skulls to blood splatters, and spiral patterns to swooping bats. Your friends will be doing double-takes after looking you in the eye! There are few accessories that will give you an appearance as stunning and unique.

Unique Coloured Contacts

Another choice for those of you in search of magical eyes is our range of contacts featuring colours that you can’t really get naturally. Brown, hazel, green, blue... These colours are okay, but sometimes you just need something with a bit more wow! How about our bright orange coloured contact lenses? Or, if you’re after something a bit mystic looking, our purple contacts are always a great choice. And these two colours are just the tip of multi-coloured iceberg. We stock yellow, silver, pink and even white contact lenses! So no matter what lens colour you need to make your magical look sparkle, you can be sure that we stock it!

So there you have it – our favourite types of fantastical contact lenses! If you’re a big fan of fantasy movies, there’s no better way bring a bit of magic into the real world. Don’t settle for being normal, be weird and wonderful!