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Find the Best Way to Cosplay with Our Anime Lenses

Find the Best Way to Cosplay with Our Anime Lenses

Use Anime Coloured Contact Lenses to add a new level of detail to any Anime or Manga Cosplay outfit!

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In our opinion, Cosplay outfits can always be made better with a stunning pair of anime lenses! Trends in anime, manga comics and TV series have created a huge number of options for Cosplayers to choose from. With most Cosplayers employing the ‘go hard or go home’ approach to their costumes, even the most minute of character details can make or break a costume. So, it goes without saying that in order to perfect your anime-inspired look, you’re gonna need a pair of striking, authentic contact lenses! Here at Coloured Contacts, we stock a huge selection of anime lenses that can suit your every need. Whether you’re looking for circle lenses, glowing UV contacts or a pair of super stylised anime or manga-inspired lenses, you can swiftly bring your favourite manga characters to life!

Exploring Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay

The famous Japanese manga comic-book and TV series Tokyo Ghoul is a hugely popular anime franchise. Many Japanese manga characters have provided options for some awesome Cosplay outfits. There are plenty of Tokyo Ghoul characters with alternative eye colours to suit our anime lenses. The main character Ken Kaneki, has a glowing red-eye that could be replicated with our red contact anime lenses! Special effect contact anime lenses such as Red Mini Sclera lenses would be perfect for a Cosplay outfit. Or, the Red UV i-Glow lenses will glow in the dark, to add another level to a Cosplay look! Complete any Kaneki look with a full black face mask and a simple white wig.

Unleash the Power of Naruto

Being one of the biggest manga characters of all time, finding Naruto contact lenses is an essential for all seasoned cosplayers. You can’t go wrong with detailed styles such as the Kakashi contact lenses. They feature a black and red sharingen design for an alternative anime look. If you want your Cosplay look to be more explosive, then there are plenty of fiery anime lenses to choose from. If you want to release Naruto’s full power then pairs of Flame Eyes, Wild Fire or Sunburst are certain to draw some much-deserved attention. Every Naruto costume comes with spiky hair and a jumpsuit, make your manga costume unique with a pair of fiery anime lenses!

Becoming a Big Eyed Beauty

The general style of anime drawings features characters with large and colourful eyes. Our contact lenses make it possible to mimic eye colours and styles from any of your favourite comic books! With our lenses, you can achieve your desired Cosplay look, no matter whether you’re paying tribute to Niskeoi, Norgami or even Attack on Titan! Anime lenses such as our Big Eyes and Dolly lenses provide an exaggerated, cartoon effect which is perfect for Cosplay. These styles come in a variety of colours such as blue, grey or green. So you don’t have to go for crazy styles or colours for your costume, our range of anime lenses will help you achieve a realistic cartoon look within the blink of an eye!

If you’re stuck wondering where to buy Cosplay contacts, then explore our expansive range of anime and Cosplay-inspired contacts! If you want to take your Cosplay ideas to a more intricate level of detail then you certainly need a pair of coloured anime lenses. There are plenty of styles to choose from which cater to many different styles and looks. Take Cosplay to a new level of sophistication and realism with a stunning pair of special effect anime lenses.