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Blue Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

Blue Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

Our Guide to Blue Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes: here are our recommendations on what are the best blue contact lenses for dark eyes and which are the most realistic looking on brown eyes.

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Finding the best blue contact lenses for dark brown eyes can be a tough task due to natural effect lenses not always offering the same complete coverage of a totally opaque contact lens. These realistic blue contacts often feature a clear lens with flecks and speckles of natural color in order to help replicate the multi-tonal look of a real iris. This aids the aesthetic look but can be a problem for some darker-eyed customers wanting to completely mask the natural color of their iris. 

Here at Coloured Contacts, we’re here to help you pick out the best blue contacts for dark eyes by showing you which lenses offer coverage, and which offer enhancement. This is a key difference to understand when browsing all kinds of natural lens styles – especially blue! Above all, We are here to combat any dark-eye coverage doubts and show you how anyone can add a splash of new color to their iris!

What Are The Best Blue Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes?

Blue contact lenses with a three color or more effect are best for dark brown eyes. In natural designs, the multiple colors work to cover the natural iris color. Opaque contact lenses offer more coverage but are more suited to Halloween and costume styles.

We have a dedicated section to which of our natural blue lenses are the best for dark eyes. We would recommend the following lenses to customers with darker eyes, especially those seeking a brand new natural look.  

If you're in need of more information on how these lenses work, then you can now refer to our full guide featured below.

What Makes These Blue Contacts Suitable For Brown Eyes?

Whilst dark-eyed customers can enjoy eye color transformations from all kinds of styles and shades, we recommend that customers look to three tone color effects for lenses that will give the best covering effect. These blue tri-tone styles offer the best balance between natural color coverage whilst maintaining the realistic look of an iris. Take a closer look at why these lenses are suited for darker eyes:

As you can see from the diagram above, three color blue contact lenses have three features that can help to cover your natural eye color. The results of the effect can certainly vary between different natural eye color shades, but a three color is the style most likely to give the most visual transformation. 

Still unsure about which are the best blue contacts for brown eyes? How about trying out our new Virtual Mirror? Although this can only give an illustrative example of how colored contacts will look, it could be a helpful visual aid to which lenses suit your appearance and complexion. If you want to see the lenses in action, we invite to see the work of our affiliates on social media. Head to our InstagramFacebook or Twitter to see some awesome before and after picture with our natural effect blue contact lenses. 

FreshLook Colorblends For Dark Eyes

When searching for the best contact lenses for dark eyes, make sure you're aware of all the tech you find in a Freshlook contact lens. The pigmentation used is an ideal way to cover dark brown natural eye colors. Each and every FreshLook contact lens is packed full of the latest contact lens technology. Just like the three natural color effect above, these lenses feature impressive 3-in-1 Colorblends Technology. This tech ensures a totally realistic effect which will certainly make people think that you have actually changed the color of your eyes!

Make sure to check out our full range of FreshLook Contact Lenses.

Enhancing Brown Eyes with Blue Contacts

Whilst some of our natural effect lenses do not over full coverage, they do have enhancement qualities that will add new layers of color to your eye. The One Tone (or single color natural lenses), for example, only have subtle one shade coloring. This adds to your natural color, rather than replacing or covering the iris completely. If you want to completely mask your eye color, then these might not be the light blue contacts for brown eyes that you need. 

A popular one color style is the range of Glimmer lenses. Similarly, in visual style to the One Tone lenses, these lenses are finished with a subtle effect that gives a shimmering effect. These also may not be the ideal lenses if you are looking to cover up your naturally dark eyes but can offer a unique enhancing effect making them realistic contacts for dark eyes. The overall visual effect is dependent on what your natural eye color is. 

Opaque Blue Contact Lenses

You will be able to purchase opaque blue contact lenses with natural designs, but these do not always give the same realistic effect of a natural effect contact lens. They will give full coverage of darker eye colors, but this may be at the expense of the subtle natural look. It’s up to you to decide which kind of contacts will work for you. These opaque styles are popular for Cosplay and Halloween as the bold block-color pigmentation allows a blank canvas for vibrant designs and crazy lens styles.

For more information on which lenses from our range are colored contacts for brown eyes, be sure to check out our full collection of Contacts For Dark Eyes blog posts.