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Blue Contact Lenses: Wintry and Wondrous!

Blue Contact Lenses: Wintry and Wondrous!

If you’re not quite feeling the winter spirit, then you should definitely take a gander at our chilly yet charming blue beauts!

Woop! Hoorah! It’s almost Christmas! The time of eating excessive amounts of chocolate and getting drunk with your family! If you’re not quite in the winter spirit yet, then you should definitely take a gander at our chilly yet charming blue beauts!

There's no better time of year to get blue eyes (What colour better represents winter?) and our easy-to-use contacts should make the transition pretty effortless. Just to convince you even more that blue is the way to go, we've compiled a list of our favourite types of blue contact lenses... What could make your new year more magical than a new eye colour?

Glimmer Blue Contacts

What’s more glamorous than eyes that glimmers? We stock a wide range of contact lenses that are sure to make your eyes sparkle like a frosted over lake. (Heck, 'glimmer' is even in the name of our Blue Glimmer Coloured Contact Lenses!) They can be a great way to pull together your Christmas and New Year’s Eve looks, making your eyes shinier than a bauble! What could be better than that?

UV Blue Contacts

Though we understand that some people would rather glow than glimmer! Luckily our blue UV contact lenses have got you covered, allowing your eyes to glow brightly all night long. With your eyes shining like two bright beacons, you'll be able to keep the party going all night long! These lenses also make for a great conversation starter, so you don’t have to worry about how you're going to get someone's attention.

Funky Blue Contacts

Our funky blue lens range includes a large number of styles, basically covering everything that's a bit 'out there'! Our Blue Dolly Coloured Contact Lenses will give you a kooky toy-like look and our Blue Electric Coloured Contact Lenses are really... well... electric! They’re the perfect choice if you’re interested in shocking your family and friends. If you want a new winter look that's got a bit of bang to it, we can't recommend our funky lenses enough. Who wants to be normal anyways?


Natural Blue Contacts

Some of you may be after a winter blue look that has an incredibly natural appearance – we get that! If you’re following the ‘new year, new me’ mantra, it’s important that your eyes look super realistic so people buy into your new look! Luckily our website is overflowing with natural blue lenses! Whether you want dark blue, light blue or maybe turquoise, you're sure to find something you like. So – to take advantage of an over-used pun – you don’t need to feel blue about not being able to get natural blue eyes!

Sclera Blue Contacts

And last but certainly not least, our blind blue contact lenses! If you’re looking for some lenses that’ll give you a super unusual look (and maybe your friends a scare), these are a fantastic choice! They’re certain to look good at all the winter parties (Christmas, New Year’s Eve... take your pick!) and really are unlike anything else. If you have a need to stand out from the crowd, these blue babies will certainly help you do that!

Let us know if you plan on donning some coloured contacts this winter on FacebookTwitter or Instagram! Or heck, just let us know your plans for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! We’d love to hear!