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Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

Want to make sure your naturally dark eyes are covered when you wear coloured contacts lenses? In this blog, we discuss the best styles and tones of Coloured Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

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Looking for the best colored contacts for dark brown eyes? It can get frustrating hearing retailers giving promises that all their lenses will cover your dark eye color which is why here at Coloured Contacts we will only recommend a selection of our lenses to customers with brown eyes.

It is common sense to say that only lenses with a block of color will work as contacts for dark eyes. This means our Halloween styles are generally the most successful in giving full-color coverage. Do you prefer to explore natural styles? Whether you want to match your favorite character or love to switch up your everyday look, Coloured Contacts will help you find the best colored contacts for dark brown eyes. It is important to remember that different people will experience different results so make sure to read carefully to make your choice.

Natural Eye Contact Colors For Dark Eyes

One of the biggest hoops to jump through for all you dark-eyed dreamers is getting your eye color to hide behind your new lenses. This becomes an even larger problem for you when it comes to searching for most natural colored contacts for dark eyes. Many people use the natural looking colored contacts to cover their dark eyes on a daily basis, so they have to be looking good at all times! Since you’ll be wearing them here, there and everywhere you don’t want your natural eye color glaring through your new favorite natural shade.

For the best blend between your natural eye color and new fashion color we recommend trying the tri tone lenses. As the diagram below demonstrates, these color lenses for dark eyes feature a blend of three colors. The inner ring tends to have a darker shade and is sometimes even brown. When you add a hint of honey brown contacts with your chosen shade it will help your eyes blend more naturally with the new bright shade. This will help give a more realistic finish. The main color of the lens has some transparent color flecks but is the most opaque of all the natural designs. They are designed this way for realism because all eyes are made of several different shades. Finally, the dark limbal ring adds depth to the lens which is sure to help you enchant everyone with your new look. Most eyes have darker limbal rings so this will finish off the natural trio.

Costume Colored Contacts For Brown Eyes

If natural looking contacts aren’t your thing, we have some awesome Halloween contact lenses suitable for any fancy dress party or cosplay event. You can spend days or even weeks finding and making the perfect costume but your look will be lacking without some Halloween contacts. If you’re looking for a scary night with a stand out style then add some of our colored lenses for dark eyes and everyone will remember your truly terrifying costume.

One of the biggest selling points for our costume style lenses, apart from the awesome designs, is that they are mostly completely opaque colored contacts meaning your natural brown eyes won’t peak through any transparent patches. Here are some of the best styles to shop for opaque contact lenses for dark eyes:

  • Wolf Lenses: These lenses feature a black background with vibrant colors over the top, meaning your brown eyes will be full covered. These contact lenses for dark eyes will allow you to enjoy light orange or yellow shades without your natural tone peeking through.
  • Cat’s Eye Lenses: Always fancied seeing yourself as a feline? Our cat lenses feature a single block of color with eerie cat shaped iris. You can get these styles as prescription and non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes. Enjoy aqua, yellow, red and more.
  • Galaxy Contact Lenses: Fancy a style that is out of this world? Shop our Galaxy range and add an extra sparkle to your eyes. These two tone lenses will give a mysterious style to your eyes and each design makes great eye contact colors for dark eyes due to the dark shades and blocks of pigmentation.

If you are looking for cheap colored contacts for dark eyes shop our sale section. Remember to stick to the costume styles for a vibrant block of color. You can always upload a selfie and try our virtual mirror if you want to see exactly how these lenses will look on you! Virtually try on as many styles as you would like before you buy, and see colored contacts for dark eyes before and after.

Our pairs of colored lenses for dark eyes also come with a number of different durations – meaning that you can get lenses that’ll last 1 day, 90 days and even a full year! How cool is that? So whether you’re going for a permanent new eye color or you just want a one night pair to make your fancy dress party more exciting, we’ve got your back!

Here at Coloured Contacts, we aim to be the best colored contacts brand by providing you with all the information you need to safely enjoy fashion contact lenses. From style inspiration to how to’s we offer more than just a shopping experience.

Remember we stock both prescription and non prescription colored contacts dark eyes so if you require corrective lenses then check your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optometrist and start browsing!

If you need any more information on best colored contacts for dark brown eyes then head to our sections dedicated to finding you the most suitable lenses for your natural shade. If you need more inspiration and would like to see other people with brown eyes trying out our styles be sure to check out our FacebookTwitter and Instagram for pictures from affiliates, handy articles and more.