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Cosplay Lenses: Find Your Perfect Pair!

Cosplay Lenses: Find Your Perfect Pair!

Calling all cosplayers! Are you searching for some show stopping contacts for your next event? Then you need to check out our latest blog 'Cosplay Lenses: Find Your Perfect Pair!'!

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When it comes to creating an authentic, well executed Cosplay ensemble, everyone knows that it's the little details that count. From wigs to wands and make up to masks, there are plenty of ways to create a convincing costume, but none are as transformative as a pair of contact lenses!

Here at Coloured Contacts, we've got a HUGE selection of Cosplay lenses that are perfect for all kinds of awesome looks! Whether you're looking for styles inspired by your favourite anti-hero, some kick ass ninja lenses or a pair of bright and bold contacts, you can be sure to get your hands on your perfect pair when you shop with us. 

So if you're opting to recreate the look of an iconic character, read on to find out more about how to work some awesome contact lenses into your outfit!


If you're looking to unleash your inner 'Big Green Guy', then you need to get your hands on a pair of the Eyefusion Hulk Lenses! Perfect for anyone looking to recreate Bruce Banner's iconic alter ego, these vivid green lenses will mutate your gaze in the blink of an eye! Available in both daily and 90 day varieties, these super cool contacts will take your Cosplay creation to the next level. Team with lashings of green body paint, torn shorts and your best scowl for an authentically Hulking look! Remember, a delicate touch is needed when inserting and removing these lenses, so make sure you're relaxed and don't HULK SMASH 'em...


Love LoTR? Fed up with Cosplaying as Elves, Hobbits or Orcs? Then look no further than the Eyefusion Eye of Sauron Lenses, perfect for anyone who wants to channel Middle Earth's ultimate evil! These speckled orange and yellow lenses are sure to attract plenty of attention, wherever and whenever you wear them. Planning a cool-looking costume with these lenses is a little tricky, considering Sauron was a gigantic disembodied eye! For the ambitious amongst you, combine them with a spiked suit of armour to evoke a Necromancer vibe, or team with a heavy-hooded cloak and gloves for a simple, Nazgul inpired look. 


The film version of Voldemort may have sported icy blue peepers, but JK Rowling originally described 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' as having a blood red gaze, as a result of losing his humanity through creating Horcruxes. Fortunately, you don't need to split your soul to recreate this freaky look! The Eyefusion Voldemort Lenses will easily conceal your 'normal' Muggle eye colour and transform you into 'You-Know-Who' in no time at all. For a fitting tribute to the most nefarious wizard of all time, team these striking contacts with a sweeping black cloak, a spindly wand, bald cap and lashings of white foundation!


If anime's your bag, then you're sure to love the Eyefusion Kakashi Lenses! With the iconic black and red sharingen motif, these contacts are perfect for anyone who wants to try out a Naruto inspired look. Plus, with a 90 day use period, you can re-use these bad boys again and again to create a striking gaze whenever you like! Pair with a flack vest, some liquid latex (To create Kakashi's deep, vertical scar) a strategically-cut balaclava and a spiky grey wig for an on-point homage to Team 7's greatest asset. 


So, everyone knows that coloured contact lenses are super fun, but to keep things safe and clean, they need to be used responsibly. With this in mind, here are our 5 golden rules for risk-free use:

  1. NEVER touch your lenses when you're wearing gloves! Not only could you run the risk of infection (By introducing an irritant or spreading bacteria), but you could potentially cause micro-tearing to the lens, which may lead to ocular damage. If you have to touch them, remove your gloves, wash your hands thoroughly and then proceed to touch the lens.
  2. ALWAYS insert your lenses before you've done your makeup. We know it's annoying when you get makeup in your eye (We're looking at you mascara...) and that this is exacerbated when wearing contacts, but it's safer and easier to pop them in before you paint your face.
  3. NEVER sleep in them! These lenses are not suitable for extended wear (I.e. For sleeping in), so ensure you take them out and clean them before catching some z's.
  4. ALWAYS follow a strict aftercare procedure. That means, cleaning them after each use with an eye-safe solution and storing them correctly. Whatever you do, don't store them in water or clean them in your mouth (Gross we know, but people have been known to do this)!
  5. NEVER share lenses with friends! Trust us guys, you really don't want to wear something that's been sat on someone else's eyeball. If you're coveting your mate's style that much, then treat yourself to a brand new pair all of your own!