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Feel Festive with Christmas Costume and Contact Lens Combos!

Feel Festive with Christmas Costume and Contact Lens Combos!

There's no better time to get creative with coloured contact lenses than Christmas. We have compiled some fun costume and contact lens combos to see you through the festive season!

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The holiday season is almost upon us and you know what that means…PARTIES! Instead of trotting out the same old cocktail frocks, smart shirts or ugly Christmas sweaters, why not consider completing your Christmas look with a pair of our coloured contact lenses? Our selection of non-prescription cosmetic lenses will have something to suit your festive fancies. With such a wide range to choose from, we are sure you can get creative and make even the scariest and creepiest lenses work for you during the Christmas months. If you’re completely stuck on Christmas costume ideas, then let us point you in the direction of some fun contact lenses to help with some inspiration.

Keep With the Christmas Tradition

Everyone loves the traditional Christmas colours of red, green, gold and white! With a pair of coloured contact lenses, you can bring plenty of Christmas costume ideas to life! You can truly get creative with different contact lens colours and styles, and find one which works for you. Here are a few of our Christmas costume ideas that focus around the festive colours of the season:

  • If you want an ethereal angel-look this Christmas, you can utilise some of our orange and yellow lenses to create a golden effect. With a load of corresponding makeup and accessories, you could shine in a golden angel outfit with glistening fiery eyes to match.
  • If you’re still struggling to find a new way to reuse your Red Halloween contact lenses, we have plenty of Christmas costume ideas ready for you. You could pair the Red lenses with a pair of White Halloween contacts for a multi-coloured jazzy candy cane effect!
  • It doesn't get Greener than the Grinch! We have plenty of green coloured lenses if you're planning to dress as the iconic Dr Seuss character!

With our range of cheap and affordable lenses, it is possible to mix and match ideas and styles. Why only pick one festive Christmas colour when you can mix, match and experiment. Go wild and experiment with our various colours and styles. There are no colour rules when it comes to Christmas lights and baubles so go wild and try something new over the Christmas months!

Add a Little Sparkle


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little sparkle here and there. Our range boasts plenty of Glimmer lenses that should add that little something extra to your Christmas cheer.  The colours in the Glimmer style include Green, Brown and Silver which will bring a whole new finish to your look. With tinsels, lights and stars everywhere, you’ll need this little extra something to make your makeup stand out.

As well as being an integral part of a Christmas costume idea, these lenses would make a perfect addition to any glamorous Christmas night out. The shimmering coloured part of the lens will perfectly match some sparkling festive makeup and a full metallic or sequin dress. If you want to be the centre of attention at this year’s festivities, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of shiny Glimmer style lenses!

Ice Is Certainly On the Nice List

Our range of blue coloured lenses will certainly help bring some frosty characters to life. If you want to channel your inner ice queen, or unleash the famous Jack Frost then blue is certainly right for you. Some of the simple blue shades such as the Blue Sapphire One Tone or the Blue One Tone coloured lenses can truly produce a steely stare.

If your Christmas costume ideas lead you to become a cold-hearted ice queen, you could pair the Blue Manson coloured contact lenses with your best 'frosted' make-up look. Use plenty of white and metallic cosmetic blue hues to bring the focus to your sharp blue peepers! An elegant dress is a must with this costume and makes sure you have plenty of snowflakes covering your entire outfit. It’s certain an ice cool way to spend Christmas!

Festivities Can Be Freaky Too!

Halloween may be a distant memory, but there’s still a chance to wear your horror-inspired and FX lenses during the holiday season.  Everyone loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and there are plenty of monsters hiding under the bed, with teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red! Our range of UV reactive lenses could make an awesome Halloween town monster. If you’re dressing up or cosplaying as the iconic Jack Skellington or Sally, there are plenty of creepy lenses to choose from. You can have a look at our Yellow Cat UV i-Glow lenses or Red UV i-Glow lenses to complete your creepy Christmas look! 

The possibilities are endless! Get in the festive spirit and make our impressive range of coloured contact lenses work with your perfect Christmas costume ideas. Our lenses will make your outfit the star on top of the tree with an impressive finishing touch.