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Get Purple Eyes Like Lindsay With Coloured Contacts

Get Purple Eyes Like Lindsay With Coloured Contacts

Learn from model and makeup artist, Lindsay Hudson, the best ways to style your enhancing violet contacts for the perfect purple eyes.

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Purple eyes are an interesting subject. Do they occur naturally in humans? Elizabeth Taylor is often thought to have a natural purple shade. Whether it is fact or myth about this purple eyes actress, here at Coloured Contacts there is a much easier way to achieve a purple transformation.

As Lindsay Hudson will demonstrate throughout this blog, if you are a fan of purple then a pair of violet contacts can help tie together all your favorite purple elements. Lindsay is a published model who loves to wear our purple contact lenses with a variety of makeup styles and outfits.

Often she pairs our contact lenses with intricately laced clothing for a formal style, just like the picture below. But, as you will see, Lindsay often wears her purple contacts to match her bright purple hair in more casual styles. These pictures of purple eyes are sure to help you imagine how you could add lenses to your everyday look.

Envisage yourself with purple eyes in a sea of blue eyes, brown eyes, and green eyes. You're going to stand out, right? If you want to be a fashion trendsetter, then purple colored contacts are a fantastic choice.

If you want to make an even bolder look then take inspiration from @lindsayh_model’s style. She is never afraid to pair a stunning purple brow with her light purple eyes. This enhances the color even further and gives a gorgeous dazzling finish. If you are looking to put the spark back into your look then you may have found the answer.

Ideas For Purple Eyes Eyeshadow Looks

To take the purple theme even further why not add a subtle smoky purple eyeshadow to your ensemble? As well as a model, Lindsay is a makeup artist and clearly understands the purple color palette well. Check out her subtle purple eyeshadow looks paired with her instantly recognizable purple hair and eyes. Make sure to keep your eyeshadow a darker shade of purple than your lenses for a truly enhancing and beautiful combo.

If you do want to save your lenses for a special occasion then why not wear them to a masquerade ball or costume party to add an air of mystery to your outfit. This stunning purple mask looks even more awesome when paired with lavender eyes.

One of the benefits of purple contact lenses is that they are a little more subtle than other costume styles. In fact, many of our styles are classed as enhancing contact lenses. This means the style of the iris is natural, just like our other tri tone, two tone, and one tone colors. People are sure to do a double take when they see just how realistic your new violet eyes look.

As you can see, @linsdayh_model is a fan of purple eyes and we know you will have plenty of ideas about how to style our violet lenses too! Why not head to our purple gallery page for more inspiration about how to style your purple contact lenses. You can also head to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest pics, news and styles.

Want to see more from Lindsay? Lindsay often models in a boudoir style, among plenty of other photoshoot styles, all available to view in her portfolio. You can find her website, here which includes contact information and information about her work as a makeup artist.