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Hazel Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

Hazel Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

Our Guide To Hazel Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes: here are our recommendations for the best hazel contacts for dark eyes. Browse this information and decide on your favourite hazel eye contacts.

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Have you been hunting high and low for a pair of Hazel Contact Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes? Well, we’re here to show you lenses that will help enhance your current natural eye color to new levels of color.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the best colored contacts for dark brown eyes or a subtle lift of color to really make your eyes pop, we’re here to help you choose a pair of hazel brown contact lenses that will perfectly fit with what you’re looking for.

Here at Coloured Contacts we make sure to stock an incredible spectrum of colors that can create a whole range of range of possibilities when it comes to creating a gorgeous new style. However, if you’re here for a brand new pair of honey brown contacts, we cannot recommend a more subtle and elegant natural shade. Not only are there a significant number of colors and slight color shades so that you can pick the perfect pair for you, we also stock a vast range of styles so that you will be able choose an iris style that combines with your current eyes to enhance them to the highest possible degree.

Which Hazel Brown Contact Lenses Are Right For Me?

If you’ve landed on the website and have started to have a shop for your next fashion statement, it’s safe to say you’re pretty spoiled for choice. You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Why the reason for so many style option?’ Well, that’s entirely so that you can choose a pair that perfectly matches your unique iris. Each pair of our hazel contact lenses for dark brown eyes features vastly different designs from the next, so all you need to do is weigh up which pair will suit you the best. But that’s not the only thing to consider, depending on the type of lenses that you prefer we can also offer you your preferred style in daily or 90 day durations.

One Tone: If you’re looking to set your eyes on a pair of hazel eyes contacts for brown eyes that will give you a slight and subtle boost to your already brown eyed look, these may be your favourite choice. Depending on our customers preference this style may offer the perfect balance of hazel brown contact lenses without the need of totally hiding your natural shade. These colored contact lenses feature colored iris detailing for an increased effect on darker eye colors, while still allowing you to show your natural eye color.

Glimmer: Not only are these natural hazel contact lenses perfect for everyday usage, you could also consider them a staple part of your cosmetic look. The extra detailing a pair of these lenses provides may be subtle, but they can distinctively upgrade your appearance. Someone who feels the need to keep a natural look but also take pride in their cosmetic collection may feel the urge to see our Glimmer contact lens range in closer detail. Very similar to the one tone styles we mentioned previously, this pair of hazel contacts feature a subtle finish that offer a light glimmer for increased definition.

Two Tone: One of the most popular styles of hazel contact lenses for brown eyes, these contacts should be a staple part of any ones natural lens collection. As well as the natural styles that we’ve touched upon in our one tone and glimmer contacts, this styles also features the hazel design but with the added addition of a darker limbal ring.

Tri Tone: The range of tri tone colored contact lenses we have to offer is incredible and in our opinion, these hazel lenses brown eyes have the three distinct features that create a premium colored contact lens: Definition, detail and depth. The three color design, ads a new hazel pigmentation to your iris but more importantly offers increased depth due to the dark limbal ring and detailing close to the pupil.

One simple way to test which pair of lenses is right for you would be to try out our virtual mirror! This will let you upload a photo and give you a visual representation of how the lenses may look. Fancy showing off your new eye color and getting some informed opinions from friends and family? Head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and show off our lenses!

As you can see, the different types of natural styles you can choose from are quite diverse with something for any look or style you’re going for. If you are in need of more information on how these lenses work then make sure to check out our full featured guides below.

Why Are The Hazel Eye Contact Lenses The Best Colored Contacts For Dark Eyes

Are you sick of finding mediocre hazel colored contact lenses? Then let us go into detail and point out why our lenses are far from average. As well as bursting with color and impeccable quality, all of our lenses are incredible comfortable and safe. But that’s not all; other companies that stock generic contact lenses without prescription fall short in comparison with our wide range of stock. This is because we also make our incredible non prescription designs available in a vast number of prescription varieties. That means that if you’re looking for hazel contacts on dark eyes you’ll be able to choose a pair that fit with your own prescription requirements. For more information be sure to have a browse of our range of natural prescription colored contact lenses in a variety of durations here.

With this being said though, let’s talk about the importance of why you need to put some thought into picking contacts that enhance dark brown eyes. Take a look at our diagram below and find out why you should choose a pair of these lenses for your darker eyes.

Above we have a detailed image of a pair of our three tone natural effect lenses (tri tone). As you can see this style is broken out into three different attributes that contribute to the ultimate transformation when it comes to hazel eye contacts. With any pair of colored contact lenses the results can vary between person to person but if you’re looking for a style that will truly stand out while giving you an intense natural stare, the three tone natural effect lenses are perhaps the best option.

Hazel FreshLook Colorblends For Dark Eyes

When searching the Coloured Contacts website or the internet for the best pair of hazel contact lenses, brand may help to influence your decision. As we’ve mentioned previously, the hazel brown eyes contacts on our website feature outstanding qualities that make them safe and very easy to use. When shopping with us you’ll always receive CE marked and FDA approved products to give you complete peace of mind.

As well as style however, one of the most popular decision influencers on our website is the brand. Our most popular brand with our customers looking for hazel eye contacts for dark eyes is our FreshLook Colouredblends. These colored contacts are made with some of the leading contact lenses technologies in order to give you gorgeous eye color and fantastic clarity of vision. The 3-in-1 Colorblends technology ensures complete comfort and enhanced vision, check out the full prescription FreshLook range here:

More Good Colored Contacts For Brown Eyes

Do you still need some more information on which natural looking contacts for dark eyes to buy? Our single color enhancement lenses (one tone) feature a subtle design for someone looking for a less striking look. As we mentioned previously, these lenses enhance your natural eye color with a new tone to give extra depth and layers to your eye shade. Although they are not as striking as our three tone varieties, these are perhaps the most attractive who wants to upgrade their look without drawing too much attention.

Take a look at the detailed diagram below:

Opaque Hazel Contact Lenses

The last type of honey colored contact lenses for us to inform you about are our range of opaque contact lenses. Unlike our gorgeous range of natural contact lenses, these styles are also available to give your eyes a bright hazel shade without enhancing your natural eye color. For more information on the range of styles we offer and colors you can choose from, don’t forget to check out the rest of our For Dark Eyes blog posts