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Discover The Most Natural Looking Coloured Contacts For Dark Eyes

Discover The Most Natural Looking Coloured Contacts For Dark Eyes

Learn about the best place to get the Most Natural Looking Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes.

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Here at Coloured Contacts, we like to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy the effects of a different eye color. That is why we’re dedicated to making sure all of our lenses will work on anyone no matter what. There is no difference in our contacts whether your eyes are the darkest brown or light blue. You can go from any color to any color without worry.

Some of our contacts are specifically designed for events and occasions, but we know that you may be tired with your current eye color and want to maintain a new look on a regular basis. For this reason we have a whole section focused on natural style contact lenses to appear as if you always had those blue eyes, people just didn’t notice until now. If that wasn’t enough, we have several different styles in our natural contacts range so you can choose whichever effect you prefer.

The Best Opaque Contact Lenses

Depending on where you are trying to shop for colored contacts, the lenses can use different qualities of pigment and often what you’re buying aren’t coloured, but tinted contact lenses. This means that the natural color of your eye will bleed through the contacts and suddenly it looks like you’ve dipped your blue eyes in coffee and it’s not pretty. The good news is you’ve already found us and we only sell contacts with high quality pigments that create opaque contact lenses. now your eye color won’t have any effect on how the contacts appear in your eyes.

Our lenses are available in 1 day, 90 day, and yearly durations so that you can make a more frequent change to your eyes. All you have to do is wash the lenses each day with some eye care solution in order to disinfect and avoid drying. It comes with everything you would need to keep your lenses clean and ready for everyday usage. There has never been a better time to get the eye color of your dreams as you won’t find better quality than our colored contact lenses.

Colored Contacts For Brown Eyes

If you have a dark eye color then chances are that you have brown eyes as even “black” eyes are just very dark brown. With over 55% of the world’s population being born with this eye color, the need for colored contacts for dark eyes is even more important. Sometimes being the same as everyone else can be a little boring and you want to switch things up. These contacts are easy to use and the polyhema makes them breathable and comfortable to wear. There is no reason not to make a change with a pair of the most natural looking colored contacts for dark eyes. If you don’t want to make an everyday change then perhaps you’re looking for some attention to detail for a Cosplay costume. As not all Cosplay characters are aliens or monsters, they will have a natural eye color that you will want to replicate.

Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

So if you’ve decided that you want a quality pair of Natural looking colored contacts then here is a small list of some of the options available for you to wear for any occasion.

One Tone Contacts

If simplicity is everything you’re looking for in your next pair of colored contacts, take a look at the One Tone Contacts above. The use of a single shade gives these contacts a vibrant color effect while remaining realistic. These are a perfect option for those who want their eyes to be noticeable.

For a more complex look, the Tri Tone contacts will provide complex mixtures of your desired color as well as small amounts of brown. As this is a common effect in natural eyes these are the choice for people who want a realistic eye that remains subtle enough that only those who know you really well will even notice the change.

These Mystic Contacts are similar to the One Tone options except they are accentuated with dark rings around the outer iris and pupil so your eyes are more noticeable. This is also quite a common effect to occur in a natural eye so it remains completely realistic.

If you a natural effect but not a natural color then our Violet, Grey and Pink options will definitely suit your needs.

So if after all of these options you have decided to take the opportunity to change up your style then you should check out all of our Natural Colored Contact Lenses on our website.

If you give our totally natural contact lenses a try then be sure to share your thoughts and perhaps a selfie with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because we always love to hear from you!