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Nightmare Nights: The House Of Hell Halloween Event

Nightmare Nights: The House Of Hell Halloween Event

Looking for a Haunted House event? Why not take it a step further and visit a Haunted Castle with Nightmare Nights! This year Coloured Contacts are supplying their spooks with lenses so you can enjoy an even more terrifying experience.

This year Coloured Contacts are collaborating with the cast of Nightmare Nights to give their characters the look of the devil! Our Halloween contact lenses have been snatched up by these demons, ready to give you a scare!

Hosted at Castle Rushen, Isle Of Man this spooky event not only boasts a historical location but will also place you right into the heart of the story:

Salazar Crowley is dead… or is he? Step back in time to Hop tu Naa 1913 where Augusta Crowley, devoted sister of Salazar, respectfully requests your presence at the funeral of her beloved brother…

Creep into the secret enclave of The Children of the Dark Light as they lure you into a thrilling scare attraction that places YOU at the heart of the story.

Meet Miss Raven the Governess, the twisted twins Salem and Salamyre, and take part in a séance with spirit Medium Leota Brimstone. Explore the forbidding chambers of Milntown, as they have never been seen before, as you are plunged into a realm of evil. Become part of Aleister Crowley’s sinister society, and invoke an ancient evil this Hop tu Naa…

You will be playing the part of the mourners who are attending Salazar Crowley’s funeral and will be taken around the castle to meet some of the other guests.

Open on the 13th – 16th November, guests are invited to attend the second year of this event. Please click here for more information about tickets.

Contact Lenses For Your Trip To Hell

If you are thinking about your own Halloween costume then there is no better place to start than with our range of character contact lenses. Which character will you be playing this year? Shop here for:

Event Sponsorship With Coloured Contacts

Coloured Contacts Event Sponsorship scheme has seen us work with a range of incredible Cosplay and Halloween events to bring their patrons an even more thrilling experience. From helping cosplayers to find the perfect contact lenses to match their characters, to providing scare actors with lenses so you can enjoy a terrifying haunted house experience; we love bringing to life the costumes of makeup artists’ and actors’ imaginations!

Would you love to work with Coloured Contacts? Whether you are looking for contact lenses to use at your event, prize sponsorship, or social media collaboration be sure to head to our sponsorship page for more information.

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