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Check Out Our New Range Of Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses!

Check Out Our New Range Of Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses!

Take a look at the huge new range or prescription contact lenses available on out website!

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Have you heard about the range of Prescription Colored Contact Lenses that are now available on our website?

Over time you’ve seen our company work and strive towards getting you some of the best daily colored contact lenses available on the market. We’ve expanded our range into some of the quirkiest styles so you’ll be able to grab yourself some of our colored contact lenses for any occasion and style you’re looking for. Our range varies from costume contact lenses which feature bright and realistic animal designs and even natural look colored contact lenses, because who says switch your eye colour in an attempt to update your look to the latest fashion?!

But as you’re probably already aware, although we’ve always proved you with some of the highest quality FDA approved colored contact lenses available on the web, those with vision impairment have sadly been left out.

That’s why we’re now pleased to announce our new range of prescription coloured contact lenses!

Time For Everyone To Enjoy Prescription Colored Contact Lenses!

If you’ve been missing out all this time and absolutely itching to get yourself on the colored contacts hype train then you must check out our amazing new range of colored prescription contact lenses! With Coloured Contacts we make sure that your vision impairment never gets in the way of the true colour and eye colour you’re looking to feast your eyes on.  So don’t forget, if you’re short sighted and you just can’t wait to update your look then our prescription colored lenses are an absolute must have! You can even pick two different prescription powers to match your eye sight perfectly!

Gorgeous Natural Look Colored Prescription Contact Lenses

You would have noticed by now but the Coloured Contacts website is perhaps the best place to get yourself a gorgeous new cosmetic eye colour. With that in mind you can now shop a wide range of our natural look colored contact lenses with prescription from -0.50 power all the way to a total corrective capacity for those with -3.0 vision. This means that if you stay with Coloured Contacts, your short sighted vision will never leave you with a short list of available colored contact lenses.

We’ve got some of the best blistering blue prescription contact lenses available to give your look the extra punchy eye colour you deserve! Don’t believe us? Check out some of our gorgeous natural look prescription colored contact lenses below!

Blue Glimmer Prescription Contact Lenses Blue One Tone Prescription Contact Lenses Blue Glimmer Prescription Contact Lenses

But if blue isn’t really your colour and you fancy getting some natural look prescription colored contact lenses online, then not to worry! Take a peek at some of the beautiful glimmer and colourful natural styled lenses also available in our new prescription range.

Silver Glimmer Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses Aqua Blue Tri Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses Grey One Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

Crazy Costume Prescription Contact Lenses   

If we’re still not catching your full attention and you’re looking for a pair of prescription contact lenses that really bring your style to life, you’ll love our new range of costume prescription lenses.  From our epic White Mesh Halloween Colored Prescription Contact Lenses to give you a blind eyed look to our Yellow Cat’s eye Colored Prescription Contact Lenses for a feral look; check out our new in to see the whole range!

Blue Angelic Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses  Yellow Cat's Eye Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses White Mesh Halloween Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses

So what do you think? Interested in our new vision correction prescription contact lenses? Well keep your eyes peeled for some more amazing styles in the not too distant future! Let us know what you think or show us your awesome styles on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!