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The First Purge Contact Lenses

The First Purge Contact Lenses

Want an awesome yet easy costume to go with your UV contact lenses? Check out The First Purge Contact Lenses for a costume that is sure to bring the scares this Halloween. The Purge franchise is huge with horror fans!

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The Purge is a movie and television franchise based on the premise that once a year, in America, for 12-hours nothing is illegal, including murder. In fact, you can even collect a cash reward for participating in the purge. This terrifying concept has proved popular viewing with horror-fanatics so why not theme your Halloween looks around this movie? It is sure to be perfect for groups!

The First Purge introduces the idea of the participants wearing contact lenses. The First Purge contact lenses tie in with the story that this is the beginning of the experiment and scientists are using data streamed via the contact lenses to measure the success.

The main protagonists of the film are trying to fight against The Purge while the scientists are working to encourage more people to commit murder by offering financial gain to those who kill.


The First Purge Contacts Lenses are UV contacts in a variety of colours. Many of the characters are wearing everyday clothes so if you are looking for a quick and easy costume this Halloween, then why not try out The First Purge eye contacts?

Some characters embrace the horror genre and hide their identity behind creepy masks so if you want to give maximum scare this Halloween then why not model your look on one of these characters?

While most characters wear white contact lenses, one of the main characters called Isaiah wears blue contact lenses during The Purge which has sparked many fan theories as to why he opted for blue. The First Purge contact lenses meaning is that blue is a significant colour in the politics of the experiment and could even represent The Purge itself. It is implied that red symbolises those who are against The Purge.

The First Purge Contact Lenses For Sale

Now you know the significance of colours in The First Purge you can decide which purge contact lenses you would like to try! Here’s a taster of our UV styles:

  • White UV – Available in 30 Day & Daily
  • Blue UV – Available in 30 Day & Daily
  • Yellow UV – Available in 30 Day & Cat Eye
  • Green UV – Available in 30 Day & Daily

The UV lenses range will glow under UV blacklight, sure to be super scary for a Halloween night!

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~ come play! ???? Here's the second look from the Halloween serie! ???? I took inspiration from the movie The Purge and the led masks people wear in it! All made perfect by the awesome cross lenses from @colouredcontacts ! This are the best lenses I've ever had, very creepy and scary! ☻ I love them! What will you be for Halloween? ???? #cosplay #cosplayers #colorlenses #colouredcontacts #cosplayerofinstagram #cosplayer #cosplaymakeup #cosplays #makeupideas #makeup #horror #halloweenideas #horrorstories #halloweenmakeup #halloween???????? #halloween #thepurge #thepurgemask #thefirstpurge #thepurgeelectionyear #cosplaygirl #lenses #lacefront #horrormovie #cosplayfun #cosplayersofig #cosplayitalia #cosplayitaliani

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It isn’t just UV lenses that make the perfect addition to your The Purge costumes! Check out our affiliate @avada__kedavra using Black Cross Halloween Contact Lenses to create a look that is just like the creepy UV masks worn by some of the characters. Her awesome colour choices paired with the creepy cross Halloween eyes make this a great alternative look for The Purge fancy dress.

Whether you are having a scary The Purge themed fancy dress party or are looking for an unusual costume that steers clear of the generic zombies and vampires, The Purge is certainly a terrifying franchise that is perfect for basing your fright-night outfits on! Search our UV collection to find your perfect The First Purge Contact Lenses.