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Unique Contacts: Our New Range Of Lenses

Unique Contacts: Our New Range Of Lenses

Check out our new range of Natural Unique Contacts, we would love to know which color is your favortie! Perfect for cosplay or everyday outfits

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Here at Coloured Contacts, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best designs in contact lens. Including both prescription and non-prescription styles, we have one of the most extensive collections of designs of any online contact lens retailer. We would like to give you a look at our new unique contacts in a range of unusual enhanced eye colors.

Natural Colored Contact Lenses

If you are looking for a natural colored iris to give your eye an enhanced style then don’t miss out on our new range of lenses. We know you will enjoy the color fleck effect, dark limbal ring and most importantly the lightweight feel of these contacts.

Once you have decided on which color you would like to try there are a few options in our new range of cool contacts depending on which shade and style you would like.

Unique Contacts, Grey

  • Light Gray Two Tone Colored Contact Lenses – These unique contact lenses feature an ultra-light shade of gray that is sure to give you a mystical look in your eyes.
  • Dark Gray Two Tone Colored Contact Lenses – These are a deep sterling gray and feature a mix of gray tones for a more natural finish.
  • Gray Storm Cloud Colored Contact Lenses – If you are looking for best cosplay contacts to match your favourite gray eyed character then consider using the Storm Cloud Lenses. These offer an enhancing silvery gray tone that is sure to match your anime style.

Unique Contacts, Blue

  • Blue Emerald Tri Tone Colored Contact Lenses – These blue lenses introduce hints of emerald to give you an enhanced dazzling eye color. 
  • Dusk Blue Colored Contact Lenses – These blue lenses are merged with yellow color flecks to give that evening sky style. Most natural iris’ feature a blend of colors so this is sure to help them look more genuine. 
  • Sky Blue Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses – As you know this is one of the best site for cosplay contacts and we don’t think you will be disappointed with the Sky Blue lens. It features an extremely light shade of blue to give you the perfect piercing aqua stare.
  • Aqua Blue Mystic Two Tone Colored Contact Lenses – In contrast the Mystic lenses are a deep gemstone tone of blue. This dazzling color can be used for enhancing your blue eyes or can also successfully cover dark eyes.

Unique Contacts, Green

  • Turquoise Mystic Colored Contact Lenses – The green lens has a hint of blue which gives this lens an unusual shade. This is another style that makes great cosplay contact lenses due to their enhancing qualities.
  • Green Mystic Two Tone Colored Contact Lenses – The mystic range features a mottled color effect for a vibrant color. These lenses feature a light main iris color blended with dark forest green. 
  • Green Envy Tri Tone Colored Contact Lenses –This is the lightest pair of green lenses in our new range. They feature a more solid single iris color with an extra dark, thick limbal ring. This style will give a circle lens effect.

Unique Contacts, Hazel

Our final style in our new range of unique colored contacts is the Hazel Mystic Two Tone Colored Contact Lenses. These pale brown lenses are an easy way to lighten your dark brown eyes or can be used to change your eye color. The warm brown tones are sure to make these lenses the ultimate hazel style.

Cosplay & Halloween Contacts

Most of these styles also come as prescription cosplay contacts so you can enjoy a new color and clear vision. If you need to wear corrective lenses why not have some fun with your look and try a new natural shade? You will also be pleased to hear that our prescription styles are not much more than our non-prescription colored contact lenses cheap.

You can also enjoy a range of other styles, including cheap Halloween contacts. These creepy styles are always popular so if there is a particular style you have your eye on, make sure to buy it now. Halloween is fast approaching and you don’t want to miss out on adding that all important finishing touch to your outfit. If you are shopping in the sale it is even more essential that you purchase your lenses straight away as some of these styles are discontinued or have low stock so once they are gone they may not be coming back.

We are often asked about sclera contacts. These popular lenses cover the white of your eye as well as the iris. We offer a range of mini sclera styles and have plenty more spooky styles to choose from, whether you are looking for a solid color or gory design.

As you can see, here at Coloured Contacts we carefully select our lenses in order to bring you unique contacts. Whether you are searching for a new pair of natural contact lenses or prefer to stick to costume styles make sure to browse our online store. For more inspiration on ways to style your lenses why not check out our InstagramFacebook and Twitter? We regularly post pictures from our affiliates. If you would love us to share your picture featuring our Coloured Contacts be sure to tag us in your look!