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Valentine's Day Makeup with Makeupmadhouse

Valentine's Day Makeup with Makeupmadhouse

Join Carrie Esser a.k.a @makeupmadhouse for Valentine's Day Makeup inspiration featuring Coloured Contacts

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Valentine’s Day is a day that some love to celebrate while others love to hate. Whether you like to get romantic on February 14th or prefer an anti-Valentine’s celebration, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Valentines Day makeup with Coloured Contacts.

This year we have teamed up with Carrie Esser a.k.a @makeupmadhouse to share some Valentines Day makeup ideas. Carrie has created a stunning Heart Queen design featuring our Red Mesh Colored Contacts so as you can see you can get creative with costume colored contacts to create the perfect Valentine's Day makeup look.

makeupmadhouse Valentine's Day

This awesome makeup by Carrie is something you could try at home. Make sure to check out Carrie’s socials via @makeupmadhouse to see tutorials and other incredible makeup art.

If you have your own Valentine's Day makeup ideas then make sure to share them with us on Instagram by tagging Coloured Contacts. We would love to fill up our newsfeed with all your posts whether you are sharing your Valentine’s Day love with your partner, family, friends, or are celebrating self-care. There are so many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and this year we will need to be even more creative!

Valentine's Day Makeup

Make sure you go the extra mile at your virtual event, date night, or self-care day by having fun trying new Valentine's Day makeup looks. Need some help getting started on your makeup for Valentine's Day? Here is a selection of our Valentines Day look colored contact designs.

Looking for costume colored contacts to create your own SFX character or Valentine's Day eye makeup design? Here are a few of our top picks:

Are you a cosplayer who is looking for cute Valentines Day makeup to try out? Whether you have a specific character in mind or just love the look of anime, Disney, and pop culture characters, why not take the chance to try out these romantic Cosplay Colored Contact Lenses:

Makeupmadhouse Valentine's Day Look

If you love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a classic date night why not take the chance to try a new style of natural colored contact lenses with your romantic makeup looks? Our 30 day and 90 day contact lenses can be re-used which means you will have plenty of chance to try out a range of makeup looks with your colored contacts.

We are in love with @makeupmadhouse’s heart makeup and can’t wait to see what styles you are trying out for your Valentine's Day makeup so don’t forget to tag us for your chance to have your picture shared on our Instagram page.

Ready to start your Valentine’s Day colored contacts shopping? Don’t forget we currently have deals for free shipping and 3 for 2 lenses to help you complete your Valentines makeup.

Valentine's Day Eye Makeup