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Are you up to something sinister? Our Gothic Contact Lenses Range is the perfect way to disguise yourself this season. Whether you want to upgrade your Halloween costume, dress up for cosplay fun, or create a little bit of everyday mischief — we’ve got you covered with a pair of alternative costume contact lenses.

Go freaky with our selection of gothic contact lenses. You might only want to show your creepy spirit for one night, so don’t miss our extensive range of one-time use lenses to choose from. If you need a pair of cosmetic lenses for fair skin, our black styles will really pop against your complexion. Cast a spell over the room with hypnotising lenses that feature a trippy black and white spiral designSpook your tribe until the end of the night! You can toss out our disposable lenses after the party is over. We carry quality daily contact lenses from trusted brands, including Eyefusion.

Maybe you don’t want to terrify your friends. Our array of gothic contact styles is also suited for your cosplay needs. Channel your favorite anime or manga characters with their signature doe-eyed look; insert a pair of blackout contact lenses that expand your pupils into that wide-eyed stare.

If you want to invest in a pair of wicked gothic contacts that you’ll never get tired of wearing, we have plenty of options that last longer than only one use. Are you attending a week-long cosplay convention, or do you have Halloween parties lined up throughout October? Then be sure to take a look at our lenses that last for up to a year!

Disguise Your Stare with Gothic Contacts

Startle everyone you encounter by customising your look from our selection of motif contact lenses. Prank party-goers and create the optical illusion of a black crow floating across your eyes with our bird lenses. Every blink will cause people to do a double take in disbelief. A set of ominous bat contacts transforms your iris into a blood-red moon with a soaring bat next to your pupils. If you’re dressing up as a vampire this year, you can enhance your costume with Dracula Fang lenses. Your eyes will be given a blacked-out finish, with white teeth and red fangs that will creep out any innocent bystander. But if that still isn’t gory enough for you, scare your friends with contact lenses designed to look like bloody razors scraping down across your eye.

Take it to the graveyard with eerie contact lenses that cover your pupils with chilling designs. Everyone will take notice of your penetrating gaze when you slip on our Coffin lenses. They’ll transform your eyes into black tombs with white cross designs to over the pupils. Or do you want to unleash a truly haunting gaze that will fill passersby with fear and leave their heart pounding? Our Sclera style of contacts covers your entire iris in black, creating a penetrating stare that will trouble their nightmares.

Who Can Wear Our Impressive Lenses?

You might be wondering if you can purchase our lenses without a prescription. Don’t worry, our contact lenses are purely for cosmetic purposes, and we only carry non-prescription contacts. Try out a diverse array of contacts that prove lenses can be a fun fashion accessory! Your friends won’t know what to expect of you next! We do encourage you to drop in and visit your optometrist or optician before you purchase our contact lenses. Even though you don’t need a prescription for contacts, you need get your eyes checked out to ensure they’re healthy and that you’re a proper candidate for wearing gothic contact lenses.

Our gothic lenses are made in the UK and are FDA approved for safe use. We carry high quality brands that are easy to use, even if you’ve never inserted a pair of contacts into your eyes before. We take great pride in doing the work for you by finding the top British contact suppliers such as Eyefusion. Since we only source from the best, we guarantee our lenses will suit your needs no matter what your eye colour is. Our contact lenses are made for dark eyes and light eyes, featuring high pigments that ensures you achieve the alternative look you desire.

Stand out from the rest of the crowd this year. We provide costume contact lenses that are suited for Halloweencosplaying and everyday use. Save yourself time and money with our affordable styles that come in a variety of options. Whether you only need them for one night, or want to extend the fun to year-round, we’ve got the Gothic coloured contacts of your dreams!