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Are you tired of having the same old fashioned eye colour you were born with? Would you like to update your look? Perfect, you’ve come to the right place, with Coloured Contacts having a wide range of FX Coloured Lenses!

Whether you're looking to change eye colours or add a dramatic design or look, the professionals at Coloured Contacts have got it all. Our FX designs are the perfect fit for your everyday look, Halloween costumes, cosplay outfits and more. The versatility of our FX designs is what makes them so desired by contact lens enthusiasts.

When to Use FX Fashion Contacts

Customers can choose from a wide range of lenses that includes full sclera lensesUV reactive lensesAnimal lenses and more. With such a large selection of fashion lenses you might start to think: when and where should I wear them? Let us give you some ideas!

Halloween is always an excellent time to experiment with unique and funky designs. FX and SFX scream spooky and scary; it's like they were made for it! You could also use our FX designs for filmmaking. Whether you're making it for fun or class, these designs are sure to amp up the theatrical effect. Finally, you’ll get that ‘A’ you’ve been aiming for!

But who even needs an excuse or scenario to purchase our awesome FX lenses!? If you've fallen in love with a particular colour or style, then just buy them. They can be used any day of the year for any purpose; all that matters is that you love the look. So go ahead and search our collections. We think you’re going to be surprised at how many different FX styles there are.

Have you already found the perfect pair of FX lenses to enhance your trendsetting look? Great, we’re happy that you’ve been able to choose from the hundreds of styles fashion lenses in our collections. Now that the hardest part of the purchasing process is out of the way, please read carefully about proper maintenance procedures. The team at Coloured Contacts wants to make sure your experience with lenses is a healthy and positive one.

Caring for FX Contact Lenses

Before ordering non-prescription fashion lenses, it is important to consult an optometrist. Your eyes are unique to you, so you’ll want to make sure having contacts is appropriate.

After you’ve met with an optometrist, it is time to choose all of your favourite FX styles for purchase. Before receiving and utilizing your eyewear, please educate yourself on proper care of the product. To save you some hassle, we have listed basic care instructions below.

Proper Care Includes:
*Washing your hands with soap and water before you handle the product.

  • Removing the product before going in a hot tub or swimming.
  • Properly storing contacts in sterile eyewear solution.
  • Always using new eye solution, re-using the same product can cause infection.
  • Cleaning your contact case holder frequently.
  • Replacing eyewear according to the suggested schedule (1 day, 30 days, 90 days, etc.).

If our lens products are not adequately cared for an infection can occur; if you suspect an infection at any time, please schedule an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Here at Coloured Contacts we offer an extensive range of contact lenses that vary in composition to meet your individual needs. Most importantly, we source our trendy FX lens styles from reputable UK brands like Eyefusion.

On top of offering high-quality products, we also provide a variety duration options that are super affordable. Choose from contacts that can be worn for 1, 30 or 90 days. If these timeframes doesn't suit your needs, you can utilize our 1-year option as well. How cool is that? After finalizing your order, you’ll rest easy knowing that your new contacts will be shipped right away without any hassle.

Lastly, Coloured Contacts is a brand that takes pride in their products and customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, we urge you to contact our professional customer service team right away. They will work alongside you to solve any problems. In fact, we challenge you to find a better brand; as our attentive team of professionals and top of the line products will be impossible to duplicate!

Are you ready to update your style with a new and fresh look? It doesn’t matter if you're on the hunt for prescription lensesnon-prescription lenses, unique theatrical styles, or lenses to compliment your fair skin, the professionals at Coloured Contacts have got it all. Don’t wait! Our FX collection is out of this world!