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FX contact lenses are what many people like to refer to as special effects contacts. However they also have lots of fancy sounding names, such as decorative lenses and Plano lenses. They represent a growing trend, and make for a great addition to outfits beyond their novelty uses. Coloured Contacts stocks a wide range of FX contacts and we’re dedicated to helping you get that wow look!

FX contact lenses comes in a number of types – too many to list – and can be used in more situations than you can shake a stick at. This includes their use by special effect make-up artists, with Halloween costumes, in the theatre and in the production of a number of films (musicians have also been known to use them in their shows).

These contacts are also common place at cosplay events as well as anime and manga conventions; situations where they are usually worn together with make-up and costumes. You are likely to spot a cosplay character wearing the FX contact lenses to attain a fresh look that is synonymous with their favourite character from their favourite anime, cartoon, movie, comic book, game or manga.

You could try our FX contacts in role playing with your partner or a friend to spice up things a bit while you are having fun. The feeling of being like your favorite character, an animal or a scary monster or creature is quite gratifying and you could boost your esteem and wellbeing.. We have a range of special effect contacts to suit the needs of everyone including those with fair skin and dark eyes.

Gothic scenes are proven popular situations for the use of our FX lenses. This can be attributed to the ease with which these contacts conform to the lifestyles of these groups, with zombie white contactsall black contacts as well as the vampire style lenses. You will be able to find these types of contacts in our wide collection of quality gothic-like contacts lenses.

An emerging trend is the use of the special FX contacts all year round as opposed to only during Halloween time. You can keep up with this recent trend by trying out our wide range of lenses which go with most costumes. I know you can’t help the growing desire inside you to be just like your fav werewolfvampirezombie character. Coloured Contacts could make your dreams come true special effect contacts.

Rest assured that you’ll amaze everyone with your freaky look and that you’ll be sure to get the attention of most of the people around you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a whimsical junkie, a horror lover, actor, goth, partier or clubber, you’ll find a use for our fantastic FX contact lenses. We’ve got you covered no matter what the scary fresh look you want to attain is. Up next are some cool and freaky ways you can use our lenses if you choose to take the plunge on some of them!

Some of our popular FX lenses

  • The Red Vampire Coloured contact lenses

Coloured Contacts stocks the Eyefusion 90 day coloured contacts, a great pick if you want to resemble a ghoulishly grim vampire. They are quite popular in theatrical scenarios due to their inhuman nature and horrifying look.

All these coloured contacts speak for can be summed up as pure evil and hate – although, we must admit, they’re pretty cool too. They are a good pick when you’re in search of something to complement your demondevilvampireor killer clown costume.

  • The Zombie Contacts

These are by far one of the most popular special effects contacts during Halloween, for stage characters and during cosplay just to mention a few of the suitable scenarios. And you can really see why, because every situation is improved by zombies. They could also be an excellent add on for a clownghostalien or witch costume. They most certainly result in an eerie and scary look that could frighten the heck out of your friends!

  • The Dark Angelic Contacts

Think demon. These lenses are certain to scare your friends to high Heaven – and we’re certain that’s one of the reasons why you’re on this site, right? These ones would go incredibly well with any costume. Dressed up as a nice ol’ angel? Well add these suckers to your costume and your flip the whole outfit on its head.

  • The Rotting Eye Contacts

If you are out to make your eyes look dead and out of this world, you should try out our Rotting eye lenses. These creepy special contacts are mostly used to portray creatures or characters that are meant to scare the hell out of you. We make these special lenses using an off-white and semi-opaque high quality lens. The design ensures that about 20% of the natural light seeps through them to give them a realistic and professional touch. You could use these FX contacts to portray demons or humans possessed by demons (or really anything you want).

These FX contacts could help you attain the freaky look that we know you desperately want. You can trust Coloured Contacts to provide you with the highest quality non-prescription FX contacts at an affordable price. Count on us, and we’ll keep your eyes looking great!