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Go from geek to freak this Halloween, simply by using demon coloured contacts! With one of the largest ranges of non-prescription Demon lenses on the market all under one roof, you can guarantee to find your perfect pair in our terrifyingly twisted selection. Perfect for Halloween, Cosplay or Fantasy role-play, our lenses will turn even the meekest of souls into horrifyingly heinous monsters, quicker than you can say ‘black magic’!

Shout At The Devil: Freak Out Your Friends Using Demon Coloured Contacts

Our Demon lenses come in plenty of different use durations, from single use daily lensesmonthly lenses and 90-day lenses to yearly lenses, making them ideal for every user. Fancy switching up your look for a single night of mischief and mayhem? Then our disposable, 1-day lenses are perfect for you! Plus, as you can simply pop them in the bin when you're done with them, there's no pesky clean up to worry about. Are you a rebel who gets a kick from ramping up the shock factor? You're sure to love our yearly lenses! These reusable contactswill keep your spooky look on lock for 12 whole months, enabling you to strike terror into the hearts of your nearest and dearest whenever you fancy it. For maximum freakiness, opt for a pair of our full eye cheap black sclera lenses, guaranteed to elicit panic!

Coloured contact lenses have soared in popularity in recent years to become one of the most sought after Halloween and fancy dressaccessories. The beauty of cosmetic lenses is the huge impact they can have on your outfit, transforming it from dreary to dramatic in the blink of an eye. Here at Coloured Contacts, we supply a large selection of high-quality non-prescription lenses at affordable prices. You won’t believe the extreme results you can achieve until you see them for yourself!

Our extensive range of Demon lenses are so versatile that the possibilities are endless. Some of our most popular horror lenses include Manson WhiteBlind White/Red/GreyMini Sclera White/Red and White UV Reactive lenses. Along with these, we have a range of novelty printed lenses with designs such as Devil Fangs, Hypnotise Black Spiral and Skull lenses. If you’re more of a predator, check out our insanely creepy Red Cat, Explosive, Blood Red, Lava Eye and Assassin lenses. For a petrifying possessed black eye, our black sclera lenses will do the job.

Demon lenses aren’t just about creating a look that causes sheer dread and abject terror, there are plenty of different ways of using demon coloured contact lenses! Ladies can bring a seductive edge to their costumes with the right makeup and clothing combination. Think smoky eyes, fluttering false lashes and inky lips! Guys can go for the comic gore effect by combining white and black face paint to create a brand new visage. Anime aficionados can even incorporate Demonlenses into their Cosplay outfits. Here at Coloured Contacts, we love to see our customers getting creative with their lenses and coming up with wacky costume ideas! So why not get creative and come up with a mind-blowingly awesome fancy dress costume?

Still looking for more costume ideas? Check out our favourites for size:

  • Wear your Blind White lenses with a long black wig and long white shirt to become Samara, the creeptastic demon from The Ring.
  • Keep your Demon outfit simple by layering on some pallid white makeup and teaming it with a hooded robe. Your black sclera lenses will be the fearsome star of this show, no other accessories are necessary!

Prepare to Scare!

You may be wondering whether you have to compromise on comfort for style when using demon coloured contact lenses, but that's certainly not the case with our contacts! When you purchase lenses from us, you can guarantee that they'll be completely comfortable to wear, due to their soft and breathable composition. Plus, these lenses will cause no disruption or obstruction to your vision, a bonus for anyone planning to wear an elaborate costume! These lenses may look diabolically frightening, but really they are nothing to be afraid of! All of our non-prescription demon lenses are FDA approved and have been tested for safety and durability. They are easy-to-use, even for first timers, and they sit so snugly against your eye that you will forget you are wearing them!

No prescription? No problem! All of our lenses are completely non-corrective, so you don't have to worry about ordering the wrong strength. Plus, they are of the same high quality and durability as Freshlook lenses, but without the hefty price tag. However, when it comes to style and design, our lenses win hands down. You won’t find alternative creepy designs like ours anywhere else online. Even though our lenses are non-prescription, you will still need to visit an optician for a lens consultation before using them for the first time, even if you don’t normally wear prescription glasses or contacts. The optician will test your eyes to ensure they are suitable for contact lens wear and advise you of correct hygiene procedures to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Concerned about completely concealing your natural eye colour? We've got your back! All of our lenses contain strong block pigment that covers your own iris completely, making them suitable for dark eyes and light eyes alike.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying cheap lenses from random sellers on Amazon and eBay. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t! Here at Coloured Contacts, all of our lenses come from reputable companies and are FDA approved, meaning you aren’t risking your eye health. At Coloured Contacts, we aren’t just focussed on the sales. We genuinely care about our customers and we love the fact that we are making the world a more alternative place with our products!