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Want to give your natural eyes a little boost? Then you need coloured enhancing contacts! Our enhancing range is similar to our natural range but with an extra bit of glam. From natural shimmer lenses to big eye effects, these lenses are perfect for adding that special finishing touch to a party outfit. This is sure to be the accessory that none of your friends have but all of them will want to own, after they see you wearing them.

When you choose color enhancing contacts you could select lenses that match your eye colour in order to give your everyday style that something extra. If you are looking to really switch up your look then why not try a new or contrasting colour? This could open up a whole different wardrobe of outfit opportunities and you can have fun matching up different colours with a new eye shade. If you have naturally dark eyes then here at Coloured Contacts we can tell you our enhancement tint contacts have been made with high quality pigmentation so you will have full colour coverage. If you always wondered what you would look like with lighter eye colour then now is your chance to see, using colored contacts for dark eyes. Our lenses are super realistic too, so your new contacts won’t look out of place.

Included in our enhanced range are some unusual eye colours including silver, grey, aqua and pink! So there is plenty of opportunity to experiment with different styles. The coloured enhancing lenses are perfect for cosplaying your favourite characters. Comic book heroes and characters from video games often have very bright eyes and sometimes have unusual colours so a pair of lenses is the perfect way to add that final detail to your costume.

Eye Color Enhancer Contacts

With so many types of contacts to choose from it is hard to know how each lens will enhance your eyes. What are the differences of shimmer vs shine or shimmer vs sparkle? How do you define natural sparkle or natural shine? Coloured Contacts are here to help.

  • Define shimmer – At Coloured Contacts we like to think of shimmer as the most subtle enhancement. Adding a little splash of vivid colour gives the desired bright eyed effect. The mystical contact lens range is the perfect example of shimmer lenses. Why not pair with an unusual colour to complete your transformation? The Purple Violet Mystic Coloured Contact Lenses are sure to look awesome as part of a costume or for a night out.
  • Define sparkle – Sparkle is the easiest of the three to define. Think of the way glitter looks when caught in a beam of light. That is the sparkle effect. All things fairy dust and glamour! We have a range of Glimmer Coloured Contact Lenses for you to try. They give the illusion of having a twinkle in your eye just like television and movie characters. These are perfect for a posh night out and are sure to dazzle. Guests will find it hard to resist gazing into your new eyes making you the perfect belle of the ball.
  • Define shine – Shine means the dazzling effect is being created by a form of light source. With the Blue White Ice Coloured Contact Lenses, you are sure to achieve the desired shine effect. These lenses are such a bright piercing shade of blue that it looks as if you have light behind your eyes. This unusual colour is sure to give you that extra bit of glow to your party outfit, perfect for wowing on the dance floor or adding to a cosplay.

Best Coloured Contacts

Our lenses are just as good as those from AmazoneBay and Acuvue and we can prove it! Our lenses are all FDA-approved so you can be sure your color enhancement contacts will be as safe as possible. They will feel great too! Our lenses are made from soft lightweight material so your eyes stay comfortable. Most importantly it means the lenses are breathable so you will hardly notice you are wearing them.

Fed up of your glasses frames clashing with your outfit or making your cosplay inaccurate? Good news! Coloured Contacts also has a prescription colored contacts range so once you have checked your eye suitability you can select your prescription and get ready to party. With our lenses you can select different strengths for each eye to ensure you closely match your prescription.

Our lenses come in a variety of durations to suit your needs. If you just want to try out some color enhancing contact lenses for one night then the daily disposable lenses are perfect for you. The 1 day lenses require no maintenance. Make sure you insert them in a sanitary environment, then simply wear once and throw away. If you are looking for something to last a little longer then you will love the 90 day and 1 year range. The time period begins from the first time you wear your lenses. Maybe you love to dress up as the same character over and over or are looking for multiple photo opportunities. These longer duration lenses are reusable as long as they are properly maintained and kept clean. All you need to do is use eye care solution and get yourself a contact lens case in order to care for your lenses. Keeping your lenses clean is vital to keeping your eyes healthy.

If you ever have any concerns about wearing coloured contact lenses then it is best to talk to the experts. See your eye doctor or optometrist to check your eye suitability and ask any questions about eye safety. Once you have established you can wear our color enhancer contacts why not check out our guides and blog for some extra tips and styles. With so many lenses to choose from which will be your first pair of coloured enhancing contacts?