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Do you want to be the coolest witch in the neighbourhood this Halloween? Make sure to get witch lenses from Coloured Contacts! Witch costumes are surely on the top 5 Halloween costumes of all time which means every year on October 31st thousands of witches take the streets to trick or treat or head off to parties to dance until dawn. If you want to stand out from the crowd then make sure to check out our range of Halloween contact lenses.

Check out our UV range of lenses, sure to come in handy when you are flying on your broom during the night. These glow in the dark contacts are perfect for the dancefloor and are the spookiest kind of witch contact lenses. If you want to look like you have magical powers then witch doctor contact lenses are the fun and easy way to achieve your style.

What Color Are Witches Eyes?

If you are wondering the colour of witch eyes then the answer is any colour! From pink enchantresses to spooky green witch contact lenses, witches have a variety of eye colours just like regular humans so you will never know if you are talking to one!

Red contact lenses are a fun way to create that devilish glow. Try out the Red Web Halloween Colored Contact Lenses for the complete Halloween style. These funky lenses are sure to match your witch makeup or face paint. Featuring black spider web lines over a red iris colour, these lenses are sure to get you noticed. Red contacts are perfect witch demon contact lenses, especially if you choose red blind lenses. These lenses cover the pupil as well as the iris so you are sure to look like a creepy possessed monster.

If you are looking for white witch contact lenses you have come to the right place. You will be amazed at how many different types of white contact lenses there are. From White Blind to White Mesh to White Manson, you are sure to enjoy selecting the perfect ghoulish style for your outfit. White contact lenses are perfect for creating a spooky innocent eyed look or for pairing with gory special effects makeup. These lenses are also perfect as zombie contacts so if you are going to multiple parties and want to try out a few different outfits you could create lots of looks with just one pair of lenses.

Our vast collection of witch contact lenses also includes prescription Halloween contacts so if you would love to dress up as a witch but don’t want to wear your glasses then this is the perfect solution. You can choose the strength for each eye in order to closely match your prescription. Our freaky styles are sure to make this the best Halloween yet!

Wicked Witch Contact Lenses

We would love you to look wicked this Halloween in both meanings of the word and we think you will look awesome in a pair of our witch contacts. We sell witch contact lenses UK and also ship to plenty of other countries so people across the world can enjoy dressing up for this spooky night. We would love to see your fright night fancy dress so why not tag us in a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Our styles certainly are weird eye contact lenses but we take eye safety very seriously so while we have had fun with the styles we have made sure all our lenses are manufactured to the highest standard. All our lenses are FDA-approved so you can be assured they will feel comfortable. Made from soft, lightweight materials our lenses are breathable which leaves you free to enjoy your night. Another great feature of our lenses is the vivid pigmentation so no matter what your original eye colour, you are sure to get full colour coverage.

Make sure to check your eye suitability with your eye doctor or optometrist before you try out witch eye contacts. Eye safety comes first so if you are in any doubt about using fashion lenses make sure to see your eye specialist to ask any questions or raise any concerns. Once you have established your eye suitability you can have fun browsing our huge selection of crazy eye lenses to find your perfect style!

There is one more thing to consider when buying contact lenses. Our lenses come in different durations to suit your needs. Witches eye contact lenses come in 1 day, 90 day and 1 year durations. The daily lenses are the easiest to use. Make sure to insert your lenses in a sanitary environment and then throw away after your fun evening of fancy dress. If you want to try out a few different looks or have more than one Halloween party to go to why not check out 90 day and 1 year lenses. These are re-usable as long as they properly maintained. Add a lens case and some eye care solution to your basket for a full cleaning kit. The time period begins from the first time you use your contact lenses.

The most difficult and most fun part about Halloween is choosing a costume. Seen more than one pair you would like to try? With multibuy discounts and a sale section, you are sure to find plenty of bargains! Get creative with your spooky character, from witch eye to zombies to vampire contacts and more! Even if you are going out as a more unusual character this year, we are sure to have a cool pair of lenses for you. Make sure your eyes are as freaky as your costume with witch lenses!