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Tired of being labelled a baby bat without reason? Give the crowds something to talk about with a startling stare! Embrace your inner darkness with our huge range of non-prescription contact lenses. Whether you’re an ultra-goth or you’re a gothling looking to test the dark waters, get your eyeliner ready because we have lenses to suit your every need. From subtle effects and distinctive motifs to the jolting impact of whiteout and blackout Sclera Lenses, you can be sure that your freaky gaze will be the first thing people notice about you and the last thing that sticks in their head.

Here at Coloured Contacts, we understand that the gothic lifestyle isn’t all black and white. Goths like to have fun too, right? Our motif lenses are an amusing accessory to your look, lifting themed costumes to the next level, or simply adding a touch of mystique to your everyday style. Turn your eyes into a billboard for your soul with our extensive selection of cool lens designs. CrossSpiralCoffin and Skulls are among the most popular patterns in our range. Or if you want to convey a trippy intense look, our Blind and Sclera Lenses will have you making a lasting impression before you even open your mouth.

Gothic style isn’t known for shrinking into the background. Whether you’re all about the drama or you prefer the more understated gothic look, our lenses allow you to explore the limits of your creativity and come up with unforgettable outfits. Have fun and celebrate the spirit of Halloween every day with your costume. The right lens will give you maximum melodrama in the blink of an eye!

For the ultimate shock-factor, our Full Black Sclera Lenses will transform your eyes into black voids. No major clothing effort is needed when you wear these contacts, one look will be enough to terrify. If you’re more interested in being truly distinctive than causing mass panic, why not mix it up a little and wear a Manson White Lens in one eye and a Blind Grey Lens in the other? Or if you have an animal trapped inside that you’d like to channel, our LizardDragonCatRaptor and Cobra lenses will morph you from boring to beast in a flash. All of our gothic lenses are perfect for fair skin and will give your pale complexion a radiant ethereal glow.

Gothic Guidance on Prescriptions, Eye Colours and Reusability!

Our non-prescription Gothic Lenses from Eyefusion are available as single use daily lenses, 30-day lenses, 90-day lenses and yearly lenses, making them perfect for everyone from lens newbies to the more seasoned gothic revellers. Our 90-day and yearly lenses are ideal for regular use on the Cosplay scene or, if you want your style to have a truly remarkable edge, wear them daily.

Our single use daily lenses must be discarded after one wear. However, our monthly, 90-day and yearly lenses can be reused, provided you follow the instructions for washing and storing them properly.

Will non-prescription gothic lenses work on dark eyes? Yes. All of our Eyefusion lenses are manufactured using strong block pigment which completely covers your iris. This makes them perfect for dark eyes and light eyes alike. Your own eye colour will never break through.

Are non-prescription contact lenses safe? Absolutely! Here at Coloured Contacts, your eye health is our priority. All of our lenses come from reputable manufacturers. They are FDA approved and have been tested for comfort and durability. To ensure you get the most from your lenses, follow the correct procedures for insertion, cleaning and storing. Never share lenses with another person as this increases the risk of cross-contamination.

Even though our lenses are non-prescription, you will still need to visit an optician for a lens consultation before using them for the first time, even if you don’t normally wear prescription glasses or contacts. The optician will test your eyes to ensure they are suitable for contact lens wear and advise you of correct hygiene procedures to keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Why Buy From Us?

Here at Coloured Contacts, we love all things alternative. We connect with our customers on a deeper level because we know exactly what they want and how they think. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent standard of customer service and our dedicated staff are always on hand to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

Need a gothsome gaze in a hurry? UK residents can avail of our next day delivery service. Standard UK tracked delivery takes 2-3 working days. For our European and US customers, standard tracked delivery takes 4-6 working days. We also offer expedited international delivery via UPS which takes 2-3 working days.

Our aim is to supply high-quality cosmetic contacts at an affordable price. We stock one of the largest range of non-prescription lenses on the UK market. All of our lenses come from trustworthy suppliers and we source our stock locally where possible.