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Prepare for you next Cosplay with Coloured Contacts. With inspiration from some of Instagram's top influencers @angviper, @Har_fie and @Hannah_in.wonderland find out how you can incorporate contact lenses for a realistic cosplay.


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NEW Air Optix Colors in Monthly 2 packs (pair) are available to order. Shop iconic shades including Sterling Grey and Gemstone Green in prescription and non prescription styles.


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Avengers Endgame is breaking records at practically the same rate that Thanos extinguished half the planet! With a range of characters to choose from, talented MUAs have plenty of ideas on how to create the best Avengers Endgame Cosplay.


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The final season of Game Of Thrones is here! With it comes the rise of Instagram's best White Walker Cosplayers and Game Of Thrones cosplay ideas.


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Find out the answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions, in this list created by our social media and customer services teams.
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