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Check out up and coming coloured contacts brand, Chromaview. Featuring natural and Halloween designs printed on super soft contact lenses, this range is comfortable to wear and looks awesome!


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Looking for a Haunted House event? Why not take it a step further and visit a Haunted Castle with Nightmare Nights! This year Coloured Contacts are supplying their spooks with lenses so you can enjoy an even more terrifying experience.


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Scare Kingdom's Scream Park is open for their 2019 season and this year they will be scaring their patrons with the help of Coloured Contacts!


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Halloween 2019 is off to an incredible start thanks to our super talented affiliates. They have been busy filling up our Instagram feed with crazy SFX creations so here are some of the top looks so far!


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Take inspiration from our wonderful affiliates to create your own Pop Art Zombie makeup! This face paint style is sure to look awesome with a pair of Halloween contact lenses.
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