Get Contact Lenses For Cosplay Ideas

Get Contact Lenses For Cosplay Ideas

At Coloured Contact lenses we love seeing and coming up with new and creative ways on how to use contact lenses for Cosplay. We’re sure you’ve seen many of our blog posts focused and orientated around how to perfect the ultimate character costume. 

Within these blogs, there is one key theme and that is for you to choose the exact pair of Cosplay coloured contacts that you’re comfortable and best represent the looks that you’re going for! With this in mind, we’re sure you’re very aware of how you don’t just have to stick to costume and Halloween contact lenses if you’re going to be re-enacting an anime character. Depending on the realism or closeness to the source material you’re going for, you may find that a pair of our natural coloured contact lenses will fit the costume better.

With this in mind we’re here to show the vast majorities of options that are available to you if you’re looking to Cosplay with plano and prescription Cosplay contacts.

Red Contact Lenses For Cosplay

Firstly, you’re probably wondering what is meant by the term ‘plano’? This means that the lenses feature no corrective capabilities and are perfect for someone who wants to switch up their eye colour without the need of corrected vision.

When it comes to get red eyes however, natural coloured contact lenses aren’t really an option as they’re far from it. However a vast number of our best Cosplay contacts can be defined by subtle and extreme styles. Have a look below at a few Cosplay characters that can be brought to life with red coloured contact lenses and check our red contact lenses section here:

Dabi Cosplay BNHA Lady Paradoxx

Instagram: @ladyparadoxx

Blue Prescription Cosplay Contacts

For a more natural look, cosmetic lenses are definitely your best choice for Cosplay contacts. Whether it’s anime or manga, the characters that are associated with Cosplay generally have very over the top and colourful eye colours. For this we recommend a pair of our bright blue Cosplay eye contacts. Check out our Instagram affiliate @maxCosplay recreate a Captain Erwin from Attack On Titan below with the use of a pair of our blue contacts:

Max Cosplay Captain Erwin AOT Costume Blue Contacts

Instagram: @maxcosplay

Epic Green Cosplay Contacts

If neither of the Cosplay contacts colours above take your fancy we’re sure you’ll settle for green! The best thing about these colour is that they can be used for multiple different style and aren’t as restrictive as other colours. Not only can you mix and match costume and natural contact lenses for Cosplay; you’ll be able to do it all year round as most our styles can be used for various durations! Are you into your anti-heroes? Then our affiliate @Queenofluna’s Spawn makeup featuring our green goblin coloured contact lenses is a great costume to start with!

Queen Of Luna Spawn Green Cosplay Contacts

Instagram: @queenofluna

Are you ready to give the makeup SFX a try? Instagram user has some fantastic posts that are perfect for Cosplay! We particularly love her Disney Evil Queen post featuring our Green Mystic Coloured Contact Lenses. Check out the green contact lenses section here!

Evil Queen Green Mystic Cosplay Contact Lenses

Instagram: @sum.Makeup

So there’s our little guide on how to pick your contact lenses for Cosplay conventions and costumes. Found what you’re looking for? Don’t forget to share with us your CC experience through Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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Get Contact Lenses For Cosplay Ideas

Get Contact Lenses For Cosplay Ideas

Check out our latest blog and find out the latest ideas for costumes with contact lenses for cosplay. We're featuring some of our favorite Instagram affiliates and their secret coloured contacts...

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