A Guide To Your Scary Costumes With Evil Contact Lenses

Evil Contact Lenses, Prescription Halloween Contacts, Special Effect Eye

Aren’t Coloured Contacts just amazing? No matter what your favourite animal is or what costume you’ve been dying to cosplay as, there’s a pair of evil contact lenses to fit! Here at Coloured Contacts we specialise in all areas of contact lenses from the spookier special effects contacts to even gorgeous bright natural styled cosmetic ones.

We make at our mission to bring you the biggest selection of Halloween contact lenses available and this little blog will be testament to that! Each week we do multiple features on what costumes to use your lenses for or just general tips and tricks for how to use them. But this week, let’s sit back and take a look at how to get the ultimate evil eye contacts!

Characters For Special Effects Color Contacts

Whether you’ve seen the latest Avengers: Infinity War movie or not, one conception that almost everyone has is that he’s just pure evil! We haven’t seen an awful lot of Thanos in the short after credit cut-scenes and close-ups but one thing that can see is his glowing eyes.

Within the new Marvel cinematic universe we feel that our Purple UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses fit the character perfectly! But if you’re looking to go a little older school with the design and get some cheap Halloween contacts, we would definitely recommend of our red theatre contact lenses. 

Have a look at the full Halloween section here for more of our scary contacts, or have a look below at our top picks for a Thanos costume. 

Sephiroth Prescription Special Effects Contacts

It’s a well-known fact that one of the greatest ranking video game villains of all time is Sephiroth from the award winning game Final Fantasy VII. With the original release of this game back in January 1997 on Playstation 1, the low pixel count made it impossible to see a realistic representation of his eyes. As graphics have progressed over the years however he has been redesigned to show off his aqua blue cat eye costume contact lenses. Fancy getting some peepers like him for your next cosplay?

Have a look at Sephiroth’s evil contact lenses below.

Need some for corrective vision? Check out our Cat Eye Prescription Contact Lenses.

The Eye Of Sauron FX Contact Lenses

One pair to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them… to your new costume! Within our theatre contact lenses section there are lots of different styles to choose from! We have some fantastic styles that will be the ultimate pair of lenses and last for multiple different costumes. But there are also a small range of Halloween contacts without prescription that a have a specific purpose. One of these pairs is the Red Eye Of Sauron Coloured Contact Lenses, and If you’re a massive fan of the peter Jackson movie; we don’t recommend missing out on these! Not only do they feature the classic design depicted in the J.R.R Tolkien universe, they’re perfect for you to add to a full Sauron costume.

Check out these incredible lenses below and the full theatrical contact lenses section here:

So there you have it, our little guide into character costumes with evil contact lenses. Was your ideal Halloween costume not mentioned here? How about checking out the full Halloween contact lenses section here and getting some inspiration? Let us know what you think on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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Evil Contact Lenses, Prescription Halloween Contacts, Special Effect Eye

Evil Contact Lenses, Prescription Halloween Contacts, Special Effect Eye

Are you looking to plan a new evil costume? Check out our latest blog and see some options for your next evil contact lenses!

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