Magical Costumes With Wizard Contact Lenses

Magical Costumes With Wizard Contact Lenses| Halloween Coloured Contacts

If you’ve been looking a new and less spooky style for your next fancy dress or Halloween costume, we may have just the thing with our wizard contact lenses. Now in 2018 it’s highly acceptable to not just go spooky for Halloween but to also pick up a pair of spooky contact lenses for a far less scary costume. Whether you like cosplaying as your favourite heroes or just fancy throwing it back to your favourite looks, in this blog we’ll show you a range of different coloured contact lenses that will help you reinvent this classic costume with the extra glam it deserves!

The reason we feel that this costume is particularly worth trying is because if you already own a pair of natural or costume contact lenses, this style can be diverse enough to use either! Keep reading for more tips and tricks!

Mystic Wizard Contact Lenses

There’s no doubt in our minds that if you try and think of a classic wizard you’ll instantly think of magic wands and long velvet cloaks. The key to pulling off this fantastic costume or cosplay with some lighted contact lenses is colour! Depending on what type of wizard you’re wishing to become, you can choose all manner of shades! But in our opinion a wizard must stand themselves apart from the rest and therefore choose a pair with an engaging hue! 

In our Natural Coloured Contacts section there are an overwhelming number of styles and colours that may make choosing your wizard or witch contact lenses a difficult task.  Depending on the style you would like to go for you can choose between one of our classic one tone options which give subtle colour to enhance your natural shade, or the two tone and tri tone styles to give you more depth and definition in your everyday look. No matter what you choose you won’t be disappointed; and in the case of most of our lenses, they’re reusable.

Natural Contacts, Wizard Contact Lenses

If you’ve looked at all of the cosmetic contact lenses above and are still confused about what to choose then let us give you another option. If this is for a Halloween costume and you’re attending a party you’re going to want to dress to impress; so why not go all out in gorgeous green as the Wizard Of Oz and take it to the next level with a pair of Green Mystic Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses?

Green Costume Contact Lenses, Wizard Of Oz Style

See the Green Contacts Section here!

Horrifying Witch Contact Lenses

Although that’s a slightly more novelty costume, for those of you who are looking for some die hard spooky contact lenses for Halloween; keep reading. 

As well as the colourful wizard contacts we showed off above there are some even creepier styles available for those with a love for horror. One example of this is our White Blind Zombie Contact Lenses that are perfect if you’re looking for the creepiest blind eye costume contact lenses. Another style that shouldn’t be forgotten is our white Halloween lenses which can be found in multiple durations, as well as in our UV glow contact lenses section!

Disney Witch costume, Contact Lenses

Blind Witch Costume Contact Lenses

Although scary is always a good choice, why not choose crazy? Make people even more scared of your outfit by using a pair of lenses from our novelty or animal sections!

See some of our spookiest Witch ideas below and see our Halloween section here!

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Magical Costumes With Wizard Contact Lenses| Halloween Coloured Contacts

Magical Costumes With Wizard Contact Lenses| Halloween Coloured Contacts

For the ultimate wizard costume you need to best accessories. Get you cloak and staff and try a pair of bright Wizard Contact Lenses. Available in multiple colours and style, this will truly bring...

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