Cheap Attack On Titan Cosplay With Costume Contact Lenses

Cheap Attack On Titan Cosplay  | Costume Contact Lenses | Season 3 Cosplay

Attack On Titan Cosplay has become a popular phenomenon with fans dressing up as their favourite characters from the hit manga and anime cartoon. Some of the most popular characters to be cosplayed are Eren Jaeger, Mikasa and Levi Ackerman. More professional cosplayers have also been seen to have Attack On Titan Cosplay gear which shows off the likeness of some of the deadly and formidable titans

With this popularity, increase in titan cosplay costumes and the release of AOT Season 3; many fans have sought the use of cosplay contact lenses in order to show off the unique and bold eye colours that are shown within the anime. Whether it’s Eren’s bright green natural eyes or his glowing green attack titan ones; these looks can only be achieved with the use of coloured contact lenses.

Mikasa & Levi Ackerman Cosplay Contacts

As we’re sure you’re well aware, some of the most popular characters and strongest are Mikasa and Levi Ackerman. Although there is still much mystery surrounding their past, it’s easy to pull off their unique looks for cosplay once you use a pair of our circle contact lenses. Circle contacts are usually perfect for cosplay as anime characters due to their enhancement qualities to any natural look. The coloured iris and limbal rings help add extra depth and definition to your natural look, while also giving increased enhancements to colours due to their premium design.

Some of the best cosplay contact lenses we have that fit these characters come from our grey contact lens section. The lenses within this section are the perfect choice if you’re looking to cosplay attack on titan Mikasa. The contacts are available in many different iris styles, however we feel that the ones with the closest likeness to the characters are the Dark Grey Two Tone and Grey Misty Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses. See them below and compare them to their characters from the anime, and recreate your Levi Cosplay

Grey Contacts Lenses, Attack On Titan Cosplay, Levi Mikasa Costume

Attack On Titan Cosplay Eren With New Costume Lenses

As we mentioned above, getting the best cosplay look with the most realistic finish can only really be done with the use of coloured contacts. No matter which character you choose, there will be a pair to match your needs. We have tonnes of more styles within our Anime Contact Lenses section here!

For an Eren attack on titan costume we would have to recommend starting with a pair from our green contact lenses section. Just like the grey styles we mentioned above we have many styles that are perfect for this character. They’ll offer extra definition while also giving you the unobtainable green eyes that he is seen with in the anime. See some of our favourite options below:

As well as his natural eye colour, if you’ve seen the show you will be well aware of how bright and bold his titan forms eyes are; and you’ll be able to pull off this look with ease. All you’ll need is a titan cosplay costume combined with a pair of our green contacts.  Particularly, if you’re looking for the scariest possible titan style, we would recommend a pair of our Green UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses. All you need to do is stand over a black light and watch your eye glow with the same intensity that was shown in Eren’s fight against Annie Leaonheart. 

Titan Cosplay Costume, Eren Cosplay Contacts, Green Eye Lens

Has that given you some inspiration into your Attack On Titan Season 3 Cosplay? Comic Con season is now upon us and it’s time to quickly get planning your costumes. If you’re thinking of creating a Cosplay from one of the other Attack On Titan characters; click the collage below and shop by Colour! 

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Cheap Attack On Titan Cosplay  | Costume Contact Lenses | Season 3 Cosplay

Cheap Attack On Titan Cosplay | Costume Contact Lenses | Season 3 Cosplay

The best way to add realism and finish off your Attack On Titan Cosplay is to use coloured contacts. Check out our season 4 anime contacts styles and choose a pair to fit your favourite Survey...

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