Disfraz Ocultismo: Disfraces Sacados de Tablas de Ouija & Videntes de Halloween

Disfraz Ocultismo: Disfraces Sacados de Tablas de Ouija & Videntes de Halloween

Today we are delving into the weird and wonderful world of occult styles. We have seen every style of zombie, vampire and witch imaginable for Halloween, but have you ever thought about what a pair of coloured contact lenses could add to your occult costume? This freaky style has been developed from ouija boards and fortune tellers. Many of our wonderful affiliates have blended styles to create their own take on the occult look.

As you know, Ouija boards feature heavily in the Horror film genre as a way to contact the dead. There is nothing like a board being moved by an invisible force to build the suspense but what happens when you include them in your Halloween costume? Take a look through these pictures to see!

Fortune Teller Costumes

Our first look is by @typical_white_girl_sfx. She has used her White Halloween Contact Lenses as fortune teller costume accessories to match the third spooky white eye, painted on to her forehead. The green theme is hypnotising enough for us! We wouldn’t want to cross this fortune teller in case she put a hex on us. Can you imagine yourself creating a similar Ouija board Halloween costume this Halloween? Why not start practising with your makeup and body paint?

In contrast, @ladyparadoxx has used a dark red theme, in the second of our fortune teller costumes. The sparkle effect under the eyes definitely makes her look magical. @ladyparadoxx has taken the idea of hypnosis literally and has opted to use our Spiral Contact Lenses. She has even matched the style of the iris on her forehead to the lenses! A fortune teller style could be the perfect Halloween occult combo.

Occult Costumes Ideas

The third style we have chosen to share with you is from @itskittykel, featuring our brand new Blue Ice Walker Lenses. This moon inspired style could totally work for occult Halloween costumes. The blend of blue body paint is great for pairing with a blue contact lens style, whether you choose natural or costume lenses. The Blue Ice Walker contacts are somewhere in between natural and costume because they feature a natural bright blue colour with subtle enhancing light detailing. Why not pair @itskittykel’s style with your favourite gothic or occult dress

Our white contact lenses have proven popular for creating occult costumes@wink818 has mixed up her look by using two different lenses. This idea works perfectly for an occult style costume, especially if one of the lenses is a blind effect style. The other style she is wearing is the White Manson Contact Lenses which are also available as Halloween contact lenses prescription so glasses wearers don’t have to miss out on all the spooky Halloween styles.

Our final look features a pair of blind effect lenses. We recommend only trying this look for a photoshoot as our blind lenses will cover the pupil and obscure vision. These are Halloween contact lenses non prescription. What do you think of @queenofluna’s style? We love the gems above the eyebrows and don’t you think blue and purple pair perfectly together?

As you can see choosing a fortune teller or ouija board costume gives you the freedom to explore all our Halloween contact lenses. The range of looks our affiliates have created proves just how many styles you could try. Take inspiration from their pictures and try something of your own. Why not share your occult costume with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram?

Image Credits: Thank you, as always, to our amazing affiliates and contact lens users who have allowed us to use their pictures in our blog posts. You make posts like this possible and your work deserves to celebrated. We have, and always will, link to any artists featured, so make sure to check out their work and give them a follow. Find more affiliate information, click here.

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Disfraz Ocultismo: Disfraces Sacados de Tablas de Ouija & Videntes de Halloween

Disfraz Ocultismo: Disfraces Sacados de Tablas de Ouija & Videntes de Halloween

Disfruta de estos alternativos maquillajes para Halloween de nuestras y nuestros influencers con disfraces ocultistas. Inspirados por tablas de Ouija y adivinas, ¡seguro que añades algo de magia a...

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