Lentillas de Reptil: Añade Lentillas Reptilianas a tu Look

Lentillas de Reptil: Añade Lentillas Reptilianas a tu Look

Looking to get reptile eye contacts in your looks? This unique eye style features a vertical slit pupil often on a coloured iris and sclera. With reptilian contact lenses, you can mimic this style in a huge range of looks and styles that are sure to impress, delight and terrify! Let's take a walk on the wilder side of the animal kingdom and take a look at the eyes of the cold-blooded, the scaly and the downright snaky.

If you already have a style of coloured contact lenses in mind then you could slither straight to Snake Eyes section or take a look at our Animal Contact Lenses section for even more exciting styles.

Reptile & Lizard Lenses In Action

We have enjoyed seeing plenty of exciting looks from our talented affiliates on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Our lenses were included in these fantastic looks from some truly talented artists who have created some cool creations to really help bring the lizard style to life. 

First up, this stunning look from @margo.horror_beauty really shows off our green reptile contact lenses. The detail of the scales around the eyes is truly impressive and really adds emphasis to the look of our contacts. If painting your face is truly your thing, then why not give a look like this a go?

Generally when creating a reptile look you will be searching specifically for reptile contact lenses but don’t forget our Cat’s Eye range is perfect for creating a reptilian look. The lenses worn by @margo.horror_beauty can be found in this range along with an array of other lizard contacts colours.

You don’t have to stick to the pupil shape of snake contact lenses@fx_freak has created an awesome snake style using a pair of our Dolly Contact Lenses. The wide-eyed effect of this style gives the same hypnotising look as a pair of reptilian eye contacts. Styles that make your eyes appear larger are especially handy for lizard looks. Think about the curious rotating eyes of a chameleon, for example.

If you are looking to create a Halloween twist on a snake style then add some prominent fangs just like @fx_freak or take it to the next level with red reptile contacts. A pair of blood red lenses is sure to frighten your party guests.

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Reptile fairy

@colorcoatedbeauty has created a glamorous reptilian woman style. We are obsessed with the hint of scales on her cheeks and chin paired with a deep green lip. The green reptile lenses totally complete this look. If you want people to be in no doubt that you have transformed into a lizard then you cannot go out without a pair of reptile eye contacts.

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THE REPTILIAN WOMAN~ the newest member in my my growing Circus freak sideshow! Rumor has it she has quite a nasty bite! For this look I used @makeupforeverofficial ultra HD foundation @maybelline dream wonder powder @urbandecaycosmetics naked skin concealer. Eyes and scales are using @katvondbeauty jet, bone, moss and feather from the metal matte palette @makeupgeekcosmetics dirty martini @starcrushedminerals @callowlilyart Lucyfer. Lips are @blackmooncosmetics Myth (also in my brows with @nyxcosmetics glam liner in glam platinum). Lashes are @eylureofficial Luxe lashes in Guilded. Contacts are from @colouredcontactsuk Wig is from @wigisfashion #makeupforever #mufe #urbandecay #maybelline #katvondbeauty #katvond #kvdlook #makeupgeekcosmetics #starcrushedminerals #callowlilyart #blackmooncosmetic #nyxmuacm #nyxcosmetics #nyx #wigisfashion #eylure #reptilian #undiscovered_muas #amazingmakeupart #ipsy #faceart #makeupjunkie #makeupart #makeupartist #creativemakeup #artisticmakeup #makeupoftheday #makeupvideo #makeupvideos #glamvids

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Here is a glossary of terms to consider when it comes to which style of contact lenses you want to try out.

  • Snake Contact Lenses – if you’re thinking about trying an anaconda or cobra look then make sure you have some green reptile contact lenses ready in your makeup bag. Vipers, boas and adders all have creepy reptile eyes so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too. You’ll be delighted to know that our styles come in both prescription and non prescription varieties.
  • Lizard Eyes Contacts – lizard-like contact lenses often differ from the snake eye versions as there is extra flared detailing in the colouration of the iris. If you’re planning a lizard makeup effect or costume, there are also plenty of options in our green contact lenses section for a creepy style.
  • Crocodile Contact Lenses – alligators and crocodiles are certainly part of the reptile eye contact lenses family and have an interesting style of vertical pupil eyes. As well as the dedicated styles, we think something as unique as the Eye Of Sauron contact lenses will make for a super reptilian look.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to insert your contact lenses with the correct orientation. If you are wearing a pair of lenses with a vertical snake eye style pupil then you will definitely want the lens to stay the right way up in order to enjoy the full effect. Some of our Cat Eye and Snake lenses feature prism ballast technology. This means they feature stabilisation technology which helps them to stay at the correct orientation. So no need to worry about your lenses rotating during wear!

You’ll be delighted to know that we also have prescription reptile contact lenses available for purchase. This means that even more customers can successfully achieve a swift and serpentine look.

Of course, your reptile inspired look or costume doesn’t have to be biologically accurate – where’s the fun in that? If you want to your style more down the fantasy route, then make sure to enchant your costume with some stunning Dragon Contact Lenses. These scaled mythical beasts make for incredible costumes when paired with some of our coloured contact lenses.

Why should your reptile creativity stop there? If you want to somehow make your reptile contacts work as dinosaur, turtle or even as chameleon contact lenses then there’s nothing stopping you! Our store is filled with lenses of every colour, style and even prescription. We’re here to cater to all your eye style needs whether that’s animal style or something even more outrageous.

Remember we love seeing your reptile eye contacts looks and other contact lens looks on social media so don’t forget to tag us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Lentillas de Reptil: Añade Lentillas Reptilianas a tu Look

Lentillas de Reptil: Añade Lentillas Reptilianas a tu Look

Las lentillas de Ojo de Reptil son lentillas de pupila vertical que resultan ideales para looks de lagarto, serpiente y otras criaturas con escamas.

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