Lentillas Avatar: Cosplay Na'vi

Lentillas Avatar: Cosplay Na'vi

It is rumoured that four sequels to the original box office hit, Avatar have been planned. With the next installment due in 2020, critics are anxious to see if James Cameron’s film will be another record-breaker. While many are dubious that the sequels will live up to the first film’s reputation, it can definitely be said that the first Avatar film is a classic. In fact, plenty of people have cosplayed Avatar characters, using Avatar contact lenses.

With high-tech CGI helping James Cameron bring to life a sci-fi species, it’s no wonder that cosplayers have loved bringing the Na’vi to life. While some features of these mystical beings are difficult to achieve such as their height, other aspects such as their blue skin and yellow eyes can be achieved with the help of SFX body paint and yellow contact lenses.

Most people love to cosplay the two main characters Neytiri and Jake Sully, but there are opportunities to try out alternative Na’vi characters such as Dr Grace to Tsu’Tey with Avatar lenses.

How To Style Yellow Avatar Contact Lenses

Makeup Madhouse can be seen wearing our classic Yellow Avatar Coloured Contact Lenses to give the yellow glow to her eyes. As you can see she has opted for a full body paint style complete with tribal accessories. In the close-up image you can see her attention to detail with delicate white paint spots to create a glowing illusion.

If you are looking to try out your own avatar style for a party then why not base your look on Dr Grace who wears a khaki shirt and shorts or a burgundy vest when in her Na’vi form. This means you won’t have to paint your entire body. This style of clothing is easy to find too! Perhaps you already have something that would work? Or you could head to your local shop to pick up your outfit. Once you have your face paint supplies and yellow Avatar contact lenses you will soon be on your way to becoming an Avatar character.

We absolutely love @makeupmadhouse’s interpretation of the Avatar characters! If you want to see more from Carrie a.k.a Makeup Madhouse then check out her Coloured Contacts affiliates profile here.

Our most popular choices of Avatar contact lenses include:

As you can see @avada__kedavra has opted for our Green Avatar Lenses proving you don’t have to stick to yellow lenses for your Avatar look. Our goldgreen and orange contact lenses are also great options. Some of the alternative styles you could try include:

Avada Kedavra has styled her Avatar body paint with defined lines and bright colours in contrast to Makeup Madhouse who has opted for a blended painting style. This style of body paint is perfect for helping you to stand out at parties or evening events. This cosplay by @avada___kedavra would definitely look awesome at a convention.

Want to see Avada Kedavra playing other characters? Check out her Coloured Contacts affiliate profile here.

Dressing up as a character from Avatar can be a great option for a fancy dress party, cosplay event or movie night. Get your Halloween contact lenses in yellow and you are sure to find yourself getting into character as a member of the Avatar cast.

We know you will have fun coming up with your Na’vi alter-ego when you try on Avatar contact lenses and don’t forget if you want to try any other costumes be sure to take a look at our blog for more inspiration or our gallery page to see how our affiliates have dressed up as some of the most popular current characters from sci-fi and horror.

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Lentillas Avatar: Cosplay Na'vi

Lentillas Avatar: Cosplay Na'vi

Saca tu Na'vi interior a la luz con un bodypaint azul y lentillas amarillo Avatar. Echa un vistazo al trabajo de nuestro equipo de influencers y descubre cómo cosplayear estos seres de ciencia...

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