Scare Kingdom Scream Park: Halloween Season 2019

Scare Kingdom Scream Park: Halloween Season 2019

Coloured Contacts has been talking to the devil again! And this time we have arranged a collaboration with the spooks at Scare Kingdom Scream Park, Lancashire. This haunted attraction features a whole host of scary treats for you to sink your teeth into. From live-action theatre to horror mazes, it’s time to test your nerve!

Open from October 4th – November 2nd 2019, there are plenty of opportunities to head to the Scare Kingdom to see their actors in action. But just what can you expect to find there?

Scare Kingdom

The Scare Kingdom Attractions

  • THE PARLOUR - Join a seance for a spirited welcome to Scare Kingdom. Will the spirits communicate a message from beyond, or will you be singled out inside The Parlour?
  • THE PARADISE FOUNDATION - Happy but broke? Rich but unhappy? No problem… The treatment ambassadors will ensure that you are never quite the same person again, but remember, paradise comes at a price…
  • MANORMORTIS: BORLEY RECTOR - The hauntings of Britain’s most famous Ghost Story, Borley Rectory, come vividly to life in four dimensions as the phantom nun Marie Lairre and her hoard of hauntings take control of the old Haxenghast mansion.
  • BLITZ! - Step back in time to 1943 where a deserted chapel provides sanctuary from the bombs of World War 2. Grab a searchlight to light your path through the foggy darkness as you make your way through the twilight world of Blitz!
  • BODY SNATCHERS: SWEENEY TODD - The infamous demon barber has taken up residence inside the old cellars of Brimstone & Black’s funeral parlour. Take a seat for a close shave, but beware… Mrs Lovett has a taste for blood and her meat pies need stuffing.
  • THE HOODENING - The mysterious hoodeners and the Mollie Queen invite you into their pre-Christian blind ritual in The Hoodening. Hold on tightly to the rope that guides you, it is your only hope of escape from this sensory-deprived folk-horror inspired scare experience.
  • PSYCHOMANTEUM: TRICK OR TREAT? - The world-renowned scare entertainment experience returns with an all-new unique one-on-one assault on the senses. Officially dubbed ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’, Psychomanteum is shocking and graphic in equal measure. Will you receive a trick or a treat? (Please note Psychomanteum – Trick or Treat? admits guests aged 18+ only. Proof of age is required. An additional charge of £6.00 per body applies.)
  • STREETMOSPHERE - Our Streetmosphere characters roam the park providing interactive encounters with guests... Catch a moment of Hollywood glamour with our selfie-obsessed movie starlet Demi Monde. Join the rebellion to “Dismiss BLISS!”, as The Freed Radical marches in defiance against the morally questionable practices inside The Paradise Foundation and ‘get scrubbin’ with our grotty park uncleaners.

Halloween Costumes With The Scare Kingdom

With all these events to attend, you are sure to be thinking about your own Halloween look! While you walk around the Scare Kingdom you are sure to see ghouls with all kinds of freaky eye colours. To get your own be sure to check out our Halloween contact lenses collection.

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Scare Kingdom Scream Park: Halloween Season 2019

Scare Kingdom Scream Park: Halloween Season 2019

Scare Kingdom's Scream Park is open for their 2019 season and this year they will be scaring their patrons with the help of Coloured Contacts!

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