Chromaview Coloured Contacts Brand: Soft Halloween & Natural Lenses

Chromaview Coloured Contacts Brand: Soft Halloween & Natural Lenses

Chromaview Contact Lenses

Chromaview contact lenses are an up and coming brand that is proving a popular choice with our customers due to their super soft feel and awesome pigmentation. These Chromaview lenses are designed for more than just a colour change with your eye safety at the centre of this brand.

Chromaview lenses are highly pigmented so that you can enjoy great coverage, especially from the Halloween and costume styles. The costume lenses offer a solid block colour which means they can successfully cover most eye tones. If you have dark eyes, you may need to be more selective about which natural lenses you choose but if you look at designs from the Tri Tone range these offer the most coverage.

While we want Halloween contact lenses to look amazing, we want to make sure the brands we stock at Coloured Contacts are going to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and healthy. After all, we all know the stories that circulate each year surrounding the use of costume contact lenses. With Chromaview coloured contacts you can be assured that they are FDA Approved and CE Marked so that you can be confident that with the correct use, you won’t need to worry about damaging your eyes.

These FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) Approved lenses are 510k certified which means they are suitable and effective for their intended use. This testing is vital to ensure you are receiving a product that is going to be of the highest quality. Chromaview contacts are also CE Marked which is a European mark of quality. This means they meet the regulations required for sale within the EU. Chromaview is proud to hold both of these certifications and focuses on ensuring you feel confident in using their contact lenses.

Chromaview Contact Lenses

How are Chromaview coloured contacts made?

As we said, when it comes to cosmetic contact lenses looks are super important but comfort should be too. If you want to enjoy your costume or your new everyday natural eye colour, then you are going to need comfortable clear eyes and vision. The Chromaview lens is designed to be thin and super soft. Unlike thicker materials, the Chromaview lenses feature a material that is lightweight and breathable meaning even those who don’t regularly wear contact lenses will quickly become used to the feel of the lenses.

The lens duration will affect the thickness of the lenses. However, even the longer duration lenses are soft for maximum comfort and breathability. While they are marginally thicker, this is barely noticeable to the wearer. The purpose is to give better durability by creating a thicker surface.

Chromaview Contacts

Chromaview Halloween Contact Lenses

The Halloween contact lenses range, eyeFX, features a collection of costume designs and durations so you can save your lenses for a party or wear for regular cosplay. Styles include animal, anime, vampire, zombie, and Halloween.

The anime contact lenses include designs inspired by your favourite characters, as well as general Cosplay lenses for changing your eyes to have a vertical pupil or a vibrant new colour.

The animal style coloured contacts will help you switch up your eyes to look like a cat, reptile, snake, wolf and more! You can even step into the realms of fantasy with dragon eye effects.

If you are looking to complete your classic Halloween costume then be sure to browse the Chromaview range of highly pigmented vampire, zombie, and Halloween designs. The block colours will help to completely cover your natural iris, giving a spooky eye change that is sure to wow at parties and events.

Chromaview Coloured Contacts

Chromaview Natural Contact Lenses

Looking for something for a subtler everyday change? Wearing a pair of natural coloured contact lenses is the quickest and easiest way to change your look. This instant colour change is a fun way to experiment with your everyday style. The eyeBlends and chromaBlends designs give varying degrees of coverage so you can decide whether to simply add some new tones to your existing eye colour or completely change to a new colour.

Here are some of the designs to choose from:

  • Chromaview Tri Tone Contact Lenses: The Tri Tone range offers the best coverage for all eye colours. Although it is important to note results will vary depending on the tone you are trying to cover. The detailed contact lenses feature a realistic colour fleck effect and dark limbal ring for depth.
  • Chromaview Two Tone Contact Lenses: The Two Tone range generally features a single colour iris with some shade variation for realism. This design is often completed with a dark limbal ring for depth and definition.
  • Chromaview One Tone Contact Lenses: The One Tone contact lenses add a single colour to cover your iris. They offer less coverage but provide an unusual eye design thanks to the single colour.
  • Chromaview Mystic Contact Lenses: If you are looking for something that’s just a little bit extra, then the mystic range is designed to give an unusual enhancing look for a vibrant finish. It is important to note that the coverage can vary depending on how many tones are included in the lens colour.
  • Chromaview Blends Contact Lenses: The Chromaview Blends range offers the most subtle coverage for those wanting to slowly introduce coloured contacts into daily wear. The blends range is designed to be colour matched with your exciting eye colour in order to add some extra tones to your eyes.
  • Chromaview Circle Contact Lenses: The monthly circle lenses are designed to add maximum depth to the iris by having a dark, circular limbal ring. This gives the kawaii shape that is popular with Cosplayers.

Chromaview Prescription Contact Lenses

Need prescription coloured contact lenses? Our Chromaview contact lenses are also available in corrective powers. Some of the styles can be purchased in minus prescription to correct short-sightedness. This means you can enjoy an exciting new colour and clear vision!

Chromaview contact lenses have got you covered for every type of coloured lens and the amazing comfort is sure to have you coming back for more.

Chromaview Coloured Contacts

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Chromaview Coloured Contacts Brand: Soft Halloween & Natural Lenses

Chromaview Coloured Contacts Brand: Soft Halloween & Natural Lenses

Check out up and coming coloured contacts brand, Chromaview. Featuring natural and Halloween designs printed on super soft contact lenses, this range is comfortable to wear and looks awesome!

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