Guide To Buying Natural Contacts: Prescription, Dark Eyes & More

Guide To Buying Natural Contacts: Prescription, Dark Eyes & More

Here’s our complete guide to buying natural coloured contact lenses from us. It can sometimes be harder to find a style due to the differing lens of lens transparency as well as the differing darkness of a user’s eye colour. We’re here to help you pick out the best contacts for you that give you the ultimate colour transformation.

Based on customer feedback, here are the most dilemmas faced by you as a contact lens buyer. In order to help with your contact lens search, we’ve included our quick responses here and then a more in-depth look below.

  1. Prescription or Non Prescription? Or Toric?
  2. Choosing Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes
  3. Choosing A Colour. Blue, Hazel, Grey or Green?

To help you make a more informed purchase we have answered all of these questions below so that you can get the best contacts for your needs.

Choosing Between Prescription & Non Prescription

It should be noted that not all of our contact lenses have prescription strength. Many are plano, which mean that they do not correct vision at all. If you shop prescription, you can pick the strengths on the product page. If you have astigmatism, some of our lenses are toric.

If you have prescription requirements, you need to choose them when you add the product to your basket. Unfortunately, our service does not currently include the ability to make custom contacts to match your prescription. If you buy plano contacts we cannot modify them to match your needs.

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Note that if you are looking for your specific prescription, you can filter by strength on the section pages. If you don’t see your prescription available it may be temporarily out of stock.

Choosing Contacts for Dark Eyes

For those that have dark eyes, it can be difficult to find coloured contact lenses which completely cover them. The darker eye colour can be more visually prominent which can make it harder to find coloured contacts that give a striking colour.

As such we have created our contact lens transparency scales to give you an idea of just how much of your natural eye colour will be visible when wearing the contact lenses. 

  • Enhancing – mostly transparent, these lenses are for those with lighter natural eye colours or with an eye colour similar to that of the lens.
  • Vibrant – styles with a little more intensity but without the design being opaque. The natural iris colour may remain partially visible but there will be a stronger overall effect.
  • Opaque – solid block colours give the best coverage for dark eyes. Usually reserved for our most wild and colourful styles that have strong pigmentation and more unnatural colours.

For those of you looking for natural lenses, in particular, it can be a touch harder to find natural contact lenses for brown eyes. A lot of our products come in ranges, so we’ve broken it down by these so you can shop successfully for products which have a greater chance of covering dark eyes.

Recommended For Dark & Light Eyes Recommended For Light Eyes Only
Tri Tones Enhance Full Tint
Two Tones Blends
Freshlook Circle
Air Optix One Tones

Please note that all of these are ONLY recommendations. We can never guarantee that the colour will cover the user's natural eye colour as everyone's colour is different and every expectation can vary. 

If you have any doubt whether or not the lenses which have caught your eye are the right amount of coverage for us then you are more than welcome to Contact Us for recommendations on which contacts work better for you.

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Choosing A Colour of Contact Lens

Choosing a colour can be an exciting part of buying natural contact lenses. Switching up your natural eye colour can be the ticket for a subtle change for an everyday look or a new beauty regime. In most cases, there is no wrong answer when it comes to picking out a brand new colour.

The best way to start looking for colours is to find a product which catches your eye and to see what kind of effect it gives. Make sure to read everything about the lens you've selected so that you can find a colour that not only looks good but gives you the coverage you need.

If you want to see some shots of our contact on models, then make sure to check out the Natural Contact Lens Gallery.

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Guide To Buying Natural Contacts: Prescription, Dark Eyes & More

Guide To Buying Natural Contacts: Prescription, Dark Eyes & More

Here’s our complete guide to buying natural coloured contact lenses from our website. For some, it can be hard to find a new eye colour which covers their natural tone and for some, it can be hard...

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