Red Contact Lenses For Halloween 2020 & Vampire Costumes

Red Contact Lenses For Halloween 2020 & Vampire Costumes

When the time of year for getting spooky comes around, we love to see what costumes you choose for Halloween! With the help of Halloween contact lenses, it is easy to add a new scary dimension to your costumes. With plenty of popular Halloween styles to choose from, we’re here to help you pick the best contact lenses for your Halloween look.

If you are looking for red contact lenses then you have come to the right place for a huge range of classic Halloween 2020 designs as well as lenses that are perfect for vampire looks.

While there are so many different costumes you can create with red Halloween contact lenses, we often see these lenses being used for vampire costumes or SFX makeup looks. Here to model our classic Red Blood Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses is Carrie a.k.a @makeupmadhouse. This Halloween makeup expert has been creating awesome SFX looks featuring our lenses for several years and is back for more for Halloween 2020.

Makeupmadhouse’s freaky vampire makeup shows just how creepy you can look with coloured contact lenses. Her white makeup combined with spooky faded lips features elements of red which are paired with the red contacts for a totally terrifying combo.

Want to know about how Carrie prepares and inserts her contact lenses? Check out this helpful video for extra information.

If you are new to using Halloween eye contacts then why not check out our full Care Guides to find out how to use Coloured Contact Lenses.

There’s a reason that talented makeup artists such as Makeupmadhouse continue to work with us year after year. It’s the quality of the contact lenses we sell. The red colored contacts are FDA Approved and CE marked which means they have been certified as fit for purpose. They are also comfortable due to the soft and lightweight material.

At Coloured Contacts, we provide cheap Halloween contact lenses without compromising on quality. On each product, you will find a detailed product description so you can ensure you are choosing contact lenses that are the right size for you.

You can even check out Makeupmadhouse and our incredible team of affiliates wearing a range of styles from our coloured contact lenses collection.

Choosing Your Red Contact Lenses For Halloween

Every year we make sure we are stocked up on all the top Halloween styles so that you can find the exact design that you want. However, there will always be some favourites that come out top year after year. The Red Halloween Contact Lenses, modelled by Makeupmadhouse are a firm favourite with our Halloween customers and affiliates. They provide a rich red colour to the iris for a spooky demonic effect.

Here are some of our most popular red contact lenses:

  • Red Blood Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses (Available as prescription lenses)
  • Red Mini Sclera Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Red Blind Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Red Mesh Coloured Contact Lenses

Red Coloured Contact Lenses

If you are looking at creating a vampire costume, just like Makeupmadhouse, then you may want to explore our alternative designs that are perfect for all kinds of Halloween monsters, including vampires:

  • Red Angelic Coloured Contact Lenses (Available as prescription lenses)
  • Red Twilight Volturi Coloured Contact Lenses (Available as prescription lenses)
  • Red Voldemort Coloured Contact Lenses (Available as prescription lenses)
  • Red Wild Fire Coloured Contact Lenses

Red Vampire Contact Lenses

Prescription Red Contact Lenses

As you can see, our red contact lenses are also available in prescription styles so that you can ditch the glasses for Halloween and truly complete your monster transformation. Available in a range of strengths, our prescription Halloween contact lenses can help you to see clearly as well as provide a new scary eye colour. All our red contact lenses prescription are available in minus prescriptions for correcting short-sightedness. We are working hard to increase our range of plus prescriptions for farsightedness too.

Feeling inspired by these red contact lenses? If you do decide to add a pair of these Halloween contacts to your costume, be sure to tag us on Instagram for your chance to have your picture shared. We love seeing all the incredible costumes you create!

Want to see more from Makeupmadhouse? We could scroll for hours through Carrie’s incredible Instagram posts so if you want to visit her socials to see more of her costume makeup designs for yourself, then check out her full profile, here.

Red contacts cheap aren’t the only type of Halloween contact lenses we specialise in. Check out this year’s Halloween 2020 blog series to see our popular Black Contacts Lenses and White Contact Lenses being modelled by Makeupmadhouse.

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Red Contact Lenses For Halloween 2020 & Vampire Costumes

Red Contact Lenses For Halloween 2020 & Vampire Costumes

Ready for Halloween 2020? Add the finishing touch to your costume with Red Contact Lenses and see makeupmadhouse create an incredible vampire look.

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