Natural Lenses For Summer!

Natural Lenses For Summer!

Make sure your summer isn’t a bummer... Coloured Contacts has a number of stunning natural coloured contact lenses – with every shade from blue to hazel – and we think they’re the perfect way to get a unique summer look. With our help, shining like the sun this summer has never been quite so easy!

So get yourself a bold beach look that’ll make just about everyone jealous... We’ve listed our favourite natural eye colour designs below, exploring the impact they could have on your look during the summer months. So get reading and get ready for a simmering sunny look that everyone will fall head-over-heels in love with!

Blue Coloured Contacts

Blue ranks as one of our most popular contact lens colours and for a good reason: blue is just a plain gorgeous colour. If you don’t have naturally blue eyes, they can be a great choice for the warm months, easily being one of most summery colours around. What do you think of when you think summer? If you’re anything like us, then the answer is clear blue skies and deep blue seas! If your natural colour is on the darker side – maybe brown or hazel? – then you should definitely consider blue eyes this summer... There’s no better way to brighten up your appearance!

Brown Coloured Contacts

On the other hand, if you sport natural blue eyes all year round then the idea of blue contact lenses might seem like a bit of snooze-fest for you... In that case, we highly recommend brown contact lenses! Getting a deep nutty shade of brown for your eyes is just about as far away from blue as you can get, and so these coloured lenses are an incredible way to shake up your appearance! Watch as your friends do a double-take when they notice that your eyes have turned such a dark colour! Picking up theses contacts are worth it just for that, surely?

Green Coloured Contacts

If you want to be seen, then you need to go green, green, green! Like blue, green is a definite summer colour, making us thinking of fresh green grass and glowingly green forests. As a result, much like blue lenses, they’re a top-notch way to brighten up your appearance. Another benefit of green eyes is that, while people can have them naturally, they are a bit of rarity. Wearing them will help you stand out from the crowd, looking like a definite diamond in the rough!

Hazel Coloured Contacts

Hazel coloured contacts lenses are a great way to, uh, amazel your friends. (We apologise for that pun!) Hazel eyes are unique in the way that they shimmer and seemingly change colour depending on the light. If the idea of sticking to a static shade doesn’t appeal to you too much, then hazel is definitely worth giving a go. If you’re aiming for a spontaneous and wild summer, then this shade is particularly good – because which eye colour is more changeable and unpredictable than hazel?

Unnatural Coloured Contacts

Wait – the title of the article is ‘Natural Lenses for Summer’ – with emphasis on natural – so why are we bringing up unnatural ones? Well, we feel it’s worth noting that we stock a number of pairs of contact lenses that, while they feature unnatural colours, have a generally natural appearance. We think it’s definitely possible to get a generally natural look with purple, pink or even orange eyes. There’s no denying that shades will definitely help you stand out from the crowd!

So there you have it! Do you think you’ll be sporting a pair of our natural contact lenses this summer? Remember that we stock a number of durations – including 30 days and 90 days – meaning that you can get contacts that’ll last the perfect length of time for the summer season!

Let us know what your summer plans are on FacebookTwitter or Instagram – we’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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Natural Lenses For Summer!

Natural Lenses For Summer!

Make sure your summer isn’t a bummer... Coloured Contacts has a number of stunning natural coloured contact lenses and we think they're the best way to spice up your summer months!

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