Under the Sea with Mermaid Coloured Contacts

Under the Sea with Mermaid Coloured Contacts

We have all definitely heard about mermaid hair and are surrounded with cute under the sea accessories and clothing but how about mermaid coloured contacts? Whether for fancy dressHalloween or just for fun why not try out your sea legs for a day?

Traditionally mermaids are beautiful, majestic, bubbly underwater creatures who have long flowing hair bright eyes and little seashell bras. Or are they? This mythological creature is really a folklore legend, tamed for the modern world.

The first recorded story involving an aquatic creature with the qualities of a mermaid is about an Assyrian Goddess named Atargatis. She falls in love with a mortal shepherd but unintentionally kills him. Wrought with grief she throws herself into the lake but her ethereal beauty means she cannot die and is instead transformed into a mermaid, with the body of a female and tail of a fish.

Inspired to get dressing up? Become whatever type of mermaid you fancy with our range of mermaid coloured contacts. Get creative and see how a variety of contact lens styles can make the perfect mermaid coloured contacts.

Dive in to Mermaid Coloured Contacts

Our first adventure under the sea takes us to meet this anglerfish inspired character. This incredible artwork gives the effect of having been hidden under water for centuries, like a true legendary mermaid. Using the Yellow Avatar Coloured Contact Lenses, as demonstrated by our affiliate makeup_by_rups, to create a creepy stare.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming towards this more subtle look. Every modern mermaid needs a bit of glitter and sparkle, as demonstrated by this funky pic from our affiliate lenniedin. This blue make-up style is complimented by our Enchanted Coloured Contact Lenses. She looks ready to take to the aquatic stage in these mermaid coloured contacts. She won’t be getting the fish eye with this stunning look! This violet starfish is the perfect little mermaid.

Watch out deep sea divers, or you may just meet another spooky character. Wearing the Blue Blind Coloured Contact Lenses this bright blue sea princess looks a little lost but don’t be fooled. Stare into those bright blue contacts for too long and you may find yourself trapped in an underwater dungeon. Don’t worry it is all an act from our affiliate stephanie_fernandez.

If you are going for a mermaid in disguise style then try out this gorgeous blue eye make-up and dyed hair combo created by our affiliate horvattamara, topped off with the Cool Blue Coloured Contact Lenses. These natural blue contacts will give you the brightness of mermaid coloured contacts but with a more realistic colour. If you are an off duty mermaid, trying out your land legs then why not try this fabulous look?

The Prettiest Mermaid Coloured Contacts in the Whole Ocean

So there you have it – friendly mermaids, deep sea temptresses and little mermaids on land. We love these under the sea looks. Don’t you agree bright mermaid coloured contacts are the perfect finishing touch?

If you do decide to become a mermaid for the day with mermaid coloured contacts then why not share your experience and send us a picture on FacebookTwitter or Instagram. What kind of mermaid will you be?

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Under the Sea with Mermaid Coloured Contacts

Under the Sea with Mermaid Coloured Contacts

Find your sea legs with Under the Sea, Mermaid Coloured Contacts. Dive into an ocean adventure and add sparkle to your eyes.

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