Unleash Your Wild Side: Animal Contacts!

Unleash Your Wild Side: Animal Contacts!

If you're looking for some costume contact lenses to finish off your next Cosplay, or just some accessories that will help you make an entrance at the next big costume party, Animal Contacts might be exactly what you're looking for!

Whatever the occasion, a pair of animal contacts can take you from try-hard zero to fancy dress hero! The great thing about animal themed costumes is that they can actually be put together with very little planning and effort; they also usually cost much less than more expensive character costumes, so if you're looking for an impressive costume on a shoe-string budget, why not take a look at the following ideas to inspire your next outfit...

Cat Eye Contacts

Cat Eye Contacts

Cat eye contacts are one of the most popular classic designs when it comes to Animal Contacts and it's not hard to see why! These eye-catching costume contacts come in a variety of colours and finishes but the one thing they have in common is the clever way the printed cat-inspired pupil sits directly over your own pupil, creating an authentic feline look without affecting your vision at all!

These contacts obviously look best when coupled with a cat outfit for Halloween, Cosplay conventions or costume parties, so here's what you can pair them with to finish your outfit:

  • A leotard or onesie - Try getting hold of some furry fabric and attach with pins or stitching to create a cat tummy!
  • A furry tail - make your own by cutting one leg off a pair of thick black tights and filling with any kind of stuffing (paper/cotton wool)
  • Cat ears - They can usually be picked up at any fancy dress shop in either headband or hair clip form
  • Cat face paint - Use black to create a cat nose and whiskers, just like you did when you were little!

Dragon Eye Contacts

Dragon Eye Contacts

If cat eye contacts are a little too tame on the scare scale for you, crank it up a notch in some Dragon Eye Contacts!

Featuring a similar oval pupil that covers your own pupil, again without affecting vision, these creepy contacts come in a selection of colours from burning flames of red and yellow to vivid glowing greens; whichever colours you prefer, you're sure to feel pretty fierce in a pair of dragon contact lenses!

To complete a seriously scary dragon costume, here are some tips to pair with your dragon eye contacts:

  • Face Paint (and lots of it!) - for a truly authentic dragon or reptile look, you're gonna need to go green! So invest in some high quality, skin-friendly face paint and create an awesome scaly finish on that face!
  • Spikes - You can create these at home by using corrugated card, paint and good old-fashioned paper mache!
  • Flaming Hair - Incorporate your do into your dragon outfit using coloured dyes, gels, chalks or extensions!

Printed Animal Contacts

Printed Animal Design Contacts

If you're searching for some Animal Contacts that really catch the eye, printed designs are always a real crowd-pleaser! With a huge variety of different designs on offer, we've got the perfect pair of creepy-crawly contacts or batty lenses for you!

Here are just a few of the different printed animal contact lenses we have at Coloured Contacts:

  • Eyefusion 1 Year Bat Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Eyefusion 1 Year Emerald Dragon Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Eyefusion 1 Year Spider Coloured Contact Lenses
  • Eyefusion 1 Year Bird Coloured Contact Lenses

Wolf Contacts

Wolf Eye Contacts

Our selection of wolf eye contacts are so authentic looking they'll have you howling at the moon if you're not careful! These unique animal contacts are a great way to bring some predatory style to any Halloween costume or Cosplay

These wolf contact lenses come in a variety of colours and are even available in a glowing UV finish that looks seriously cool under black light; perfect for lighting up any party! Whatever the occasion, a pair of wolf contacts are an excellent twist on the more traditional cat eye contacts and are much more suitable if you're a dog person!

To get the best effect from your wolf eye contacts, pair them with the following items to create an authentic costume:

  • Face Paint - You can either go all out and make your face brown or grey to give an all-over wolf look, or you can simply use a little black face paint to give yourself a wolf nose and whiskers!
  • Ears - You can either pick up a pair of wolf ears from a fancy dress shop, or make your own by using an old headband and affixing a pair of triangular painted cardboard ears
  • Tail - An old feather duster dyed brown can make a pretty convincing wolf tail if you don't want to splash out at a fancy dress shop!
  • Claws - Get an authentic claw by picking up a set of cheap false nails, painting them black and cutting them into triangular claw shapes before sticking them on to your own nails

Butterfly Wing Contacts

Butterfly Wing Contacts

If you're not really into the whole creepy contacts scene, you can still try out a pair of animal contacts! Our beautiful Butterfly Wing Contact Lenses feature a gorgeous printed design made up of butterfly wing silhouettes that completely surround the iris! 

These subtle butterfly contact lenses are feminine and pretty, bringing just a slight hint of colour to your everyday stare that is low-key enough to wear any day of the week! These are the perfect animal contacts to flutter your lashes over on a night out, on a date or at a party!

Where can I wear my Animal Contacts?

Because of their versatile nature, animal contact lenses are a foolproof fashion accessory that go well with almost any costume! With such a huge selection of designs, colours and styles available, at Coloured Contacts we're confident we'll have the perfect pair for your next party. 

If you like the look of these vibrant and daring contact lenses, but you aren't sure where to flaunt them, here are just a few ideas:

  • Wear a pair of cat eye contact lenses next time you're trick-or-treating for a subtle way to join in with the kids!
  • Flutter your lashes over a pair of butterfly contacts on your next date for a get-back stare that will have him gazing into those eyes all night long...
  • Bring a scary edge to your next Cosplay convention in a pair of dragon contacts or reptile contacts for a fire-breathing finish to any outfit!
  • Be the baddest ghoul at your next Halloween party in some wolf eye contacts, guaranteed to get people questioning just what is it that's different about you?
  • Bring a flash of animalistic spirit to any party or night out in some printed design contact lenses featuring all your favourite animals and creepy crawlies!

With all these ideas to try and plenty more of your own, what are you waiting for? Browse our Animal Contacts section now to find your best beastly accessory!

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Unleash Your Wild Side: Animal Contacts!

Unleash Your Wild Side: Animal Contacts!

Looking for a way to make your favourite costumes even more authentic? Find out everything you need to know about these special effect contacts in 'Unleash Your Wild Side: Animal Contacts!'

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