Werewolf Contact Lenses: Wolf Sightings or Makeup Artists?

Werewolf Contact Lenses: Wolf Sightings or Makeup Artists?

Fashion contact lenses are perfect for transforming into characters from fantasy novels and films. The film industry is full of werewolf characters so to join in the fun and turn yourself into one of these mystical creatures you are going to need werewolf contact lenses. Traditionally a werewolf is a human who turns into a wolf. In modern times some stories suggest this happens involuntarily such as to Professor Lupin from the Harry Potter series. Many are often depicted in modern films as having wolf-like qualities but not being completely identical to wolves.

Traditionally only men can become werewolves. Most folklore follows the train of thought that you will become a werewolf if you are bitten or scratched by one. Now the werewolf is still a creature to be feared but most believe it is only a fantasy creature. The werewolf has emerged as the perfect character for gothic and horror fiction as well as part of the modern fantasy film industry. In this post, we will be exploring some amazing transformations of women who have worn our werewolf contacts. Luckily for them, they have transformed with makeup rather than being bitten, although they are very convincing!

When you are searching for werewolf contact lenses for sale you are probably searching for the most realistic wolf eye contacts. There is nothing spookier than a shape-shifter and with wolf lenses, you are sure to give people a fright.

Makeup And Contact Lenses For Real Werewolf Effects

Instagram user @lacehrawrmaee_sfx has tried out our Yellow Twilight Werewolf Lenses to create this wolf inspired makeup look. The first image looks like she has just come back from her werewolf form. The orange and black makeup effect gives the impression she is hiding a secret and the eyes are very hypnotic! The red colours in her hair and lips compliment the bright yellow of these yellow werewolf contacts. She hasn’t stopped there! For the full wolf transformation @lacehrawrmaee_sfx has used the yellow werewolf contact lenses again. It is as if we are seeing before and after shots. This makeup style gives a part wolf, part human look to this costume giving the impression of a trapped soul. There is something beautiful about wolf inspired eyes. If you met these eyes you would surely end up reaching out to help her. Beware if you meet this creature though, she may bite off more than she can chew. We can also see that werewolf contacts and fangs is the perfect combination. No need to buy a pair of fangs either, if you have got the makeup skills then you could create a look inspired by @lacehrawrmaee_sfx.

@simple.symphony has also created a style that looks like she has had a night of shapeshifting and fighting. Using the orange werewolf contact lenses she has created a werewolf mutation style. The fresh scratches to the face look frighteningly realistic and leave you guessing who or what she has been fighting. 

Coloured Contacts sells blue werewolf contacts and green werewolf contact lenses so you can choose from a variety of lens colours to match your wolf personality. @eclecticmel has created this powerful enchantress style. Paired with the green werewolf lenses it looks like she could be a shapeshifter. The bold makeup style with purple and green colours gives a magical fantasy style. It is what you might imagine a werewolf would look like during daylight.

Buying Werewolf Lenses From Coloured Contacts

For the best werewolf contacts stick with Coloured Contacts. We are sure to beat werewolf contacts Amazon and wolf eye contacts Amazon with our huge range of animal and fantasy inspired lenses. With new people trying fashion lenses every day it is time to jump on the cosmetic lens trend! One of the top sellers of werewolf contact lenses UK, Coloured Contacts also serves plenty of other countries so no one need feel left out.

If you are a glasses wearer then we hope you will love our Halloween prescription lenses. We think the blue angelic or white angelic coloured contact lenses would look amazing as werewolf contact lenses prescription. Our range gets bigger everyday so check back later and you are sure to find more prescription werewolf contacts to try.

If you do try a cool werewolf inspired costume with a pair of Coloured Contacts lenses then why not share your style with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We bet other contact lens fans would love to share style tips with you!

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Werewolf Contact Lenses: Wolf Sightings or Makeup Artists?

Werewolf Contact Lenses: Wolf Sightings or Makeup Artists?

These realistic werewolf contact lenses are so convincing we aren't sure of these are wolf sightings or makeup artists!

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