Get Ready with Red Contact Lenses for Halloween

Get Ready with Red Contact Lenses for Halloween

If we’ve learned anything from Pokémon games, chili peppers and sitcoms named after dwarf stars, it’s that things are better when they’re red. As the colour of love and passion but also blood and anger, adding a little bit of red to your outfit can make a vibrant change to how others notice you. With Halloween around the corner, we at Coloured Contacts are getting ready to make everyone’s fancy dress costume look even better with a pair of coloured contact lenses. If you find yourself in the same boat as many Halloween party goers, you will be considering the style that you want from your lenses. Well the best option is to get some Red Contact Lenses for Halloween as they suit all sorts of terrifying and exhilarating costume ideas.

With all of the options of horrifying creature costumes that you can wear for Halloween, the chances are that a pair of red contact lenses will suit the style that you need. If you don’t believe us, just check out some of these costume ideas with red contact lenses. You are sure to love some of these incredible styles.

Get Vamped Up with Red Vampire Contact Lenses

Imagine walking to your Halloween party and in the street you notice the blood red eyes coming towards you. It’s certainly a spine-chilling thought. Well now you can look terrifying with the Red Twilight Volturi Coloured Contact Lenses. Whether you want to represent the pristine Vampires from the Twilight series or if you want to stay true to the classic Dracula look, you will look great with some bright red eyes. Once you have the Vampire’s stare then you can start looking for potential victims to nibble on, or just jump out at unsuspecting friends. It’s a Halloween party, so make sure you have the outfit that makes it a spooky event.

Do Werewolves Wear Wolves Contact Lenses?

With so many different Wolf Coloured Contact Lenses in our store, it’s easy for you to complete your Werewolf costume with the something like the Red Wolf Eye UV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses. There red and yellow lens glow under ultraviolet light for an extra scary look piercing the darkness of your party. In the picture above, courtesy of Pinterest, the choice of contact lenses is a simple red contact lens like our Red Hulk Coloured Contact Lenses which will fit most costumes. So you don’t have to be constrained to the contact lenses that look the closest to your costume. Instead you can use your imagination to see how you can make your outfit better.

Cosplay with Red Contact Lenses for Halloween

Some people may prefer to stay away from the mythological creatures of the night. Instead of trying to look scary, the most important part of a costume is accuracy. Well for those who love to make their own Cosplay costumes, the concept of using special contact lenses shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you love Anime then you will know about Naruto and the Sharingan eyes. Well you can dress up as a member of the Uchiha clan at your next party using the Red Sharingan Coloured Contact Lenses. With a whole host of different lenses in our Sharingan Section you will definitely find the special design that you want to replicate a Naturo style Cosplay outfit. Halloween is a time to dress up so take the opportunity to look good.

Some Inspiring Ideas From Instagram

Red Mesh Contact Lenses

We’ve learnt that you guys have much more incredible ideas than we do, so here are a couple of recent Instragram user’s ideas. Firstly we have @mirandavanr who chose to create a detailed special effect by creating two giant scars. By using one of our Red Mesh Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses, she has created a hurt eye effect. We love the idea of using contacts to replicate damage effects like these. We also have the Red Zombie Haemorrhage Coloured Contact Lenses which make it look like your eyes are Hemorrhaging after being infected. If you have a good imagination and a love for make up, then this would be a great option to test some new special effects.

Red Voldemort Lenses

This second picture features @ladyparadoxx, whose simple inclusion of some safety pins has created a creepy effect perfect for a Halloween look. These Red Voldemort Coloured Contact Lenses help to make the look even more unsettling with their unnatural blood red colour. Maybe you could see yourself using this idea as part of a creepy doll outfit. Hopefully you’re inspired to create a quality Halloween costume using a pair of these evil looking lenses.

So that is our list of some ideas using Red Contact Lenses for Halloween. You can search through our entire Red Contacts Section to see some of the many designs that we have available. With so many options and the amazing colour, you’re sure to find something that will look perfect.
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Get Ready with Red Contact Lenses for Halloween

Get Ready with Red Contact Lenses for Halloween

Get ready for Halloween by checking out some of our ideas for costumes that include Red Coloured Contact Lenses. This blog looks at some popular options and some imaginative options available.

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