Let’s Cosplay Maleficent Eye Contacts

Let’s Cosplay Maleficent Eye Contacts

This Halloween we are taking our witch costume inspirations from the evilest Disney witch of them all, Maleficent. At Coloured Contacts, we find nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect lenses for cosplaying your favourite characters. Here are our favourites for Maleficent Eye Contacts!

Can you believe the latest version of Disney’s Maleficent was released in 2014! It seems like only yesterday we were watching Angelina Jolie take on the character of this evil lady. If you love this movie so much you have worn out your Maleficent DVD then why not dress as this sassy lady this year? With rumour of a second film being scheduled for 2018, it is time for a reminder of the best maleficent contacts for sale.

The Coolest Maleficent Contact Lenses

If you are looking for the ultimate Maleficent eyes then look no further than the Maleficent Coloured Contact Lenses. Inspired by Angelina Jolie’s eyes in the film these lenses feature a yellow inner ring, green iris colour and black limbal ring. The bold colours of these lenses will mean all eyes are on you. Pair with the striking black headpiece and dress for the complete Maleficent look. 

If you want a hint of magic in your eyes similar to the mean green cartoon Maleficent then check out these Green Glimmer Coloured Contact Lenses. The sparkle element of these lenses is sure to make you look like you are mischievous rather than completely power crazy. Perch a toy raven on your shoulder and paint your face green to get the perfect animated villain style. Sparkling green contacts are sure to enhance your fancy dress and make you the centre of attention at your Halloween party.

If you are looking for Maleficent contacts prescription, then check out the Green Tri Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses. We know you love wearing your specs but isn’t it a little annoying when the character you are cosplaying doesn’t wear glasses? Ditch the frames for a night and try out Maleficent contact lenses prescription for an accurate fancy dress outfit. These natural style lenses feature the brown inner ring, just like Angelina Jolie’s eyes from the film. The intense green is sure to make you look like an evil sorceress! Use green and purple eyeshadow or go for a less is more approach and let the eyes speak for themselves.

Want lenses that you can use for other costumes? Check out our vampire contact lenses. These Green Marishka Coloured Contact Lenses are inspired by the fictional vampire but would work perfectly as Maleficent eye contacts. The bright green iris and a black limbal ring are hypnotising. With so many contact lenses to choose from it isn’t just Maleficent eye contact for sale. With every kind of Halloween monster and ghoul catered for, you are sure to find your perfect fright night lenses!


Maleficent Contact Lenses UK

We are surely one of the top retailers for Maleficent contacts UK but don’t worry, if you want to get cool Halloween lenses we ship to plenty of other countries too!

We know there are plenty of places you can buy contact lenses e.g. Halloween contact lenses eBay but when you shop with Coloured Contacts you know you are receiving a high quality pair of lenses. All our lenses are FDA-approved so you can be assured they are made to the best standard. You could buy Maleficent contacts Amazon but when you shop with Coloured Contacts you will be browsing a site dedicated to fashion contact lenses. Make sure you have the best Halloween costume this year but don’t forget to check with your eye doctor or optometrist for your eye suitability and to ask any questions.

With so many different choices of Maleficent eye colour, you can be sure you won’t be the worst witch at the party. Throw out the little pointy witch hats and a purple tutu; it is time to upgrade your Halloween look with maleficent contacts!

Make sure you are the scariest witch of them all with Maleficent Eye Contacts and be sure to tag us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We would love to see your Halloween pics! You can now also enter our Halloween Contest so if you think you have the coolest, scariest costume be sure to apply via the Facebook Contest App for your chance to win huge prizes!

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Let’s Cosplay Maleficent Eye Contacts

Let’s Cosplay Maleficent Eye Contacts

Halloween Is Fast Approaching! This Year We Are Getting Inspired By Our Favourite Disney Characters So Let’s Cosplay Maleficent Eye Contacts

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