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Are you ready for Halloween 2020? Get your black lenses all ready to start your costume planning and preparations. Mini sclera and monster styles available.


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Here’s our complete guide to buying natural coloured contact lenses from our website. For some, it can be hard to find a new eye colour which covers their natural tone and for some, it can be hard to find contacts which match their prescription.


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NEW Air Optix Colors in Monthly 2 packs (pair) are available to order. Shop iconic shades including Sterling Grey and Gemstone Green in prescription and non prescription styles.


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Get inspired by costume ideas with Ice Blue Contact Lenses! From fantasy styles to natural looks, this is a colour that is worth trying


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Now that The Walking Dead is back and hitting our screens, it’s time for a whole new zombie season! Zombie eyes can come in all sorts of styles and colours, from spooky eye contacts white to bold jet black contact lenses! So take a look at this blog and get some inspiration!
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