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Cómo cuidar tus lentillas de contacto cuando no las estás usando es tan importante como cómo las usas e insertas en tus ojos. Esto resulta aún más importante cuando se trata de lentillas reutilizables.


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Robot Contact Lenses are a fun fancy dress style that can be used for both Halloween and other costume occasions. Choose from terminator, cyborg, bionic eye and cybernetic styles to create your own robot alter-ego!


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If you're looking for an accessory that you can truly sink your fashion claws into, then why not take a look at our wicked range of Animal Style Contact Lenses!


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Try out a sparkling new shade on contacts when you try out a pair of Silver Lenses. Achieve some stylish and shimmering styles with a gorgeous pair of Silver Glimmer lenses.


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Why not try something a little different this Spring Season and try out a pair of natural style lenses! Regardless of your natural eye colour, step out in a shade that's sure to liven up your look in a matter of seconds!
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