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Unsure of all the types of contact lenses available online? Want to know a little more on hard, soft, plano and toric lenses? Here's our guide to all the different types of contact lenses you might want to buy!


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With the new film adaption of Stephen King’s It starring Bill Skarsgard on the horizon, we thought there was no better time to offer some advice when it comes to get a creepy clown look.


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If you're looking to try out something different this Summer Season, then why not check out our latest Green Contact Lens inspired blog!


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Which sci fi contact lenses would you like to try? With some many extra-terrestrial beings to explore, we thought we would show you a selection of our alien friends. Enjoy FX styles and Galaxy prints


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Make sure your summer isn’t a bummer... Coloured Contacts has a number of stunning natural coloured contact lenses and we think they're the best way to spice up your summer months!
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