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We love everything about Big Eye and Dolly lenses and we've had some amazing affiliates try them out in their work. Check out some of the more natural styles and looks that you can achieve with our lenses!


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Always fancied trying out a pair of Mini Sclera lenses? Unsure of how to work them into your look? If so, then it's about time you checked out our latest blog for all you need to know regarding these mini explorations of style!


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We love seeing people use our White Coloured Contact Lenses. Check out some fantastic showcasing of White Out lenses perfect for horrifying Halloween looks!


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Are you new to wearing coloured contact lenses? If so, then why not opt for something a little less ordinary and try out a pair of Aqua Coloured Lenses! Be sure to stand out from the crowd with the help of our latest blog!


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Come and see more of our coloured contacts in action. We've got some awesome affiliates wearing some of our best UV glowing lenses and some of our Terminator style lenses!
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