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Get a trending creature look for you 2017/2018 Halloween costume. Check out our new blog in how you can become the fish from The Shape Of Water or Gozilla with our monster contact lenses.


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Looking for the ultimate pair of creepy contacts for Halloween or a fancy dress party? Check out our blog, 'Hide Those Eyes: Sclera Contact Lenses!' for everything you need to know about these special effects contact lenses!


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Get yourself Riddick Contact Lenses and create yourself an easy, yet realistic costume with our white, silver and blind contact lenses.


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Nuestras lentillas ciegas sin pupila son un estilo muy popular entre las lentillas de colores, y constantemente nos preguntan cómo funcionan y qué efecto producen.


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Our Blank Eye Contacts range is perfect for creating Halloween looks and for other costumes. In this blog, we explore some of the styles you could try with your Blank Eye Contacts.